Guru Purnima 2019:The occasion to become god and to rise beyond the physical existence.

Guru Purnima 2019:The occasion to become god and to rise beyond the physical existence.

The Importance and Significance of Guru Purnima

The First full moon which falls on the month of Ashadha (July- August) is known as Guru Purnima. Traditionally the festival is celebrated by Buddhists in honor of the Lord Buddha who has given his first sermon on this day. Hindus celebrate it in the honor of the first yogi Lord Shiva who became the first guru on this day. This festival is common to all spiritual traditions in Hinduism. Where it is an expression of gratitude towards the teacher by his/her disciple.

The Science of Spirituality in Guru purnima:

Guru Means “ The dispeller of Darkness”: Even the Science in its entirety is darkness. Science cannot even perceive the Omniscience, there is a life beyond the existence of science. The knowing of everything is called Omniscience and it just not be conceived with mind alone. What just a mind perceives is a limited understanding of the cosmos and whatever is limited is the ignorance of unlimited.

 In order to achieve the divine intelligence, the heart, the mind and the soul these trinity of divine sources alone can make it possible to transcend and transform into the true divine form. Whatever is existed in the outer world as much as existed in within you and also there is no outer world and inner world, it’s just the same and it’s a way of dissecting the reality to understand it in the simplest way. If which is you is inner and which is not you is outer but in the third dimension of perspective which is you already included in which is not you. It means you and the cosmos both are the same. Each single atom is the cosmos in its entirety. You are the world in itself and the cosmos itself is a world. If you consider yourself as an atom, the inner engineering existed in you is as similar as the entire cosmos. The sizes may vary and their way of witnessing state may vary but not the existence of the truth.

The Idea of preferring to seek inner self rather than outer self is because as inner and outer are no different. As outer is vast to explore and it’s more complex to sync with a particular idea of divine source which may take lifetimes to achieve. Where it is far away from what you are near to within. Inner world is the proper confined pack of arrangement of the outer world which is too closer to seek only if you follow specific spiritual path. It may takes a moment to achieve your true consciousness. For that you have to acquire the intelligence which is lot more powerful than just your mind. Once if you are aware of inner and outer worlds you will attain the godly, earthly and satanic wisdom. The yogic way to achieve these “soul knowledge” and “soul wisdom” is to go through “The Guru”. The Guru dispels the seeker’s ignorance, greeting him to experience the source of creation within and the Guru’s wisdom is something that can guarantee you everything. You can become the very God you are seeking for. “Aham Brahmasme”, “I am God”. This is true for each individual, with the soul wisdom you can transcend and transform into whatever the form you wish to.

This is the crucial day for everyone who wish to invite new energies to their very existing forms and enlighten their lives. It didn’t happen in previous guru purnimas because that time was not right. Today is the day you can take total responsibility to control your consciousness of the world. Whatever happens to you, happens to the cosmos. Because the very you is the very cosmos and you are beyond the physical existence.

It is the invitation for each one of you from the very God. Share the God’s call to every other human and participate in this divine celebration.  God Bless…!

Naveen Bommakanti

Naveen is a Storyteller and the Inspiring Creative Content developer. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Lovely Professional University,Punjab,India. He help over thousands of people live meaningful lives and is passionate about Astronomy, film making and Philosophy as a medium. He is better known on Instagram as BREATHE TO INSPIRE page. The page aims to upload 1 or 2 Inspiring quotes or videos a week –Wednesday and Saturday respectively. He Creates Inspiring and thought provoking stories which will help you to improve your perceptions towards the life.

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  1. New perspectives and mostly the true wisdom you poseses man…. Thank you for sharing with us😍🙏🙏🙏. You are really something else

  2. On Gurupurnima day we focused on the Guru and at night we chant Shiva’s name in honor of the Guru who bestows Grace and blessings. Only the Guru, through Grace can propel us to a higher state of consciousness and keep us there. Our sustained efforts allow us to receive Grace and eventually become established in consciousness. Thank you for writing about Gurupurnima. 💜🌟💜

    1. Yes, Francine the main purpose of this is to focus on our inner consciousness. That’s where our actual life starts the awareness of our own mind and psychical body. I believe it helped you somehow to follow the process and to achieve it.
      Thank you 🙂

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