How do inspiration and motivation help in one’s personal growth?
Inspiration and motivation

How do inspiration and motivation help in one’s personal growth?

Well, as  I have mentioned about Inspiration and Motivation. Today let us completely understand and perceive them
Have you ever wondered

  1. what actually an inspiration and motivation are ?

  2. Do they really effect us internally and externally ?

  3. if they effect, how they are going to change our lives ?  what if they don’t ? 

  4. why actually they matter to us ? without them can’t we achieve our goals and become successful ?

still there are so many questions running in your vast mind right ..!   here we go  then……


We come across these 2 terms often in our day-to-day lives, like in schools, in colleges, in temples and in spiritual organizations  etc.,

Every individual, starting from a school going child to the president of a country Inspiration and Motivation are necessary. Each and every work you do, there must be a purpose for that and sometimes you fail to do it, then you try one more time to achieve but fails to do it again, some people will try it again and again but some people will leave it forever. Now here comes INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION. They really matter to achieve whatever you want.

INSPIRATION is a psychological term which you accompany within you, every instant it whispers you to do something great and to do it restlessly until and unless you achieve it.

MOTIVATION is something, which makes you inspirational and gives a reason for what you want to do and makes you mentally strong and active to achieve your goals.


Here I would like to give an example to justify the question..

As we come across in our day-to-day lives, there are several motivational sessions going on around the world. There are huge number of motivational speakers,  teachers,politicians and great philosophers  trying to spread their experiences, views and inspiration.We feel so excited, energized and connected to them, that we can achieve everything in this universe and thus MOTIVATION effects us from externally and INSPIRES internally.

Then why would we become normal and same as old way, when we wake up in the next morning and behaves as usual that nothing occurred to us. where is the motivation and inspiration.

Yes, they work every time when you really take it for granted and live in the same moment and remind yourself each inspirational word you have listened from the speakers and each word that you read in the favourite inspirational  book of yours.when you really striving hard to achieve your goals and to become success they work 100% and otherwise they don’t.

Inspiration and Motivation really change your life, the way of your living, the way of your thinking and especially they change  you entirely and make you new person. If they don’t change you trust me nothing gonna change you. But still there is one way that changes your life i.e  your biggest FAILURE in your life.One can only changes when he/she experiences worst situation,failure and pain.

My simplest advice to you all is that, change your life as soon as possible by taking appropriate decisions at every moment and become successful at your youngest age. even if you don’t act at right time with right decisions you would definitely gonna be successful but with some sort of unusual experiences with lots of pain.

Always hope for the best, no matter what trust in your instincts and act according to that and then success follow definitely follows you…



Naveen Bommakanti

Naveen is a Storyteller and the Inspiring Creative Content developer. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Lovely Professional University,Punjab,India. He help over thousands of people live meaningful lives and is passionate about Astronomy, film making and Philosophy as a medium. He is better known on Instagram as BREATHE TO INSPIRE page. The page aims to upload 1 or 2 Inspiring quotes or videos a week –Wednesday and Saturday respectively. He Creates Inspiring and thought provoking stories which will help you to improve your perceptions towards the life.

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