stephen hawking

The late British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and the Director of
Research at the Center for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge
Stephen William Hawking’s Death proved that the “Pain is Universal”.
Science is mourning for the loss of one of the greatest minds in the Universe.The
man who dedicated all most, all of his life only in search of “UNKNOWN” to unleash
the secrets of the universe and understand the mysteries of the cosmos.Before hawking
the Universe is one of the darkest secrets and the black holes were considered the most

mysterious garbage collectors.Thanks for his mind because of him now we are able to know how actually the big bang was formed and his predictions of how the universe  going to vanish.
Stephen Hawking’s biggest contribution in the field of science is “Hawking’s radiation”
which is the major step in bringing together quantum mechanics and relativity, though
his work upended what was thought to be a fundamental truth of black holes, hawking
radiation actually did some reconciliation.
His theories are not only constrained to the black holes but also the Quantum gravity,
cosmology and the general relativity, which actually explains how gravity works, the idea and the interactions of planets, stars and galaxies in the space.


         Apart from this professor hawking has published many books tackling the fundamental  questions about the universe and our existence, “A Brief History of Time” and “The Theory of Everything” are few books which were sold like hot cakes.

     Even though he got appreciations from all over the world for his genius stuff towards
the Science but he never got a Nobel Prize, as mostly hawking’s ideas related to the

universe are just assumptions, imagination and involved in prediction. No one has yet proven his ideas. The Nobel Committee wants a proof not big ideas, The California institute of  Technology already announced that the nobel prize is not given to the genius people or even who makes the greatest contribution to the science. It is only given to the Discovery.

    As for the rules of Committee it is true and for sure in history no one got but this genius mind would certainly comes out of the box. He is entirely different from any other scientists in the history of the Science, his contributions and the vision towards the saving of the universe were made him entirely unique, he should not just be remembered simply, he is one of the rarest geniuses who would for sure deserves a “NOBEL PRIZE”.

if not nobel prize – then what,
if not stephen hawking – then who ?
Naveen Bommakanti.


Naveen Bommakanti

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