Advice for teenagers and young adults on relationships, career and life

Advice for Teenagers

No matter in whatever the way you want to change your life, it may be physically, mentally, materially or psychologically. You have the capability to do anything and everything if you train, sharp and master your mind tools. 

My Personal Insights to master your mind:

1. Intuition is the inner supreme god, pay attention to it.

2. Stay alone.

3. Listen to your thoughts.

4. Write down every thought you think.

Make a habit of keeping a journal and keep writing to yourself. It’s an effective way to know yourself. because you can read them whenever you want to.

5. Analyze your past and learn from it.

6. Accept challenges.

7. Adapt to change.

Never ignore your feelings. Emotional intelligence is essential to survive in the world full of intellectuals.

How to help a teenager with anxiety and depression?

These difficult days are just the trials to gain little clarity and contentment. You’re not alone, we’re all going through the same phase. However, some of us are too sensitive to nature. 

Don’t worry, I have been through those situations. Just try to be calm and do not try to react or respond. Just pay attention and make observations. You will be soon peaceful and more optimistic.

Natural remedies for teenage anxiety

Advice for young people who feel stuck in life

When we are doing the best of our ability, yet we see no signs of progression in our life, It’s common to feel stuck and being misunderstood by others or by ourselves. 

I agree, It’s not that easy to become self-aware. My advice is that, whenever you are alone, do not sit idle or do not think of the same thing again and again. (I mean avoid repetitive thoughts on the same incidence) 

Instead, pick one subject or one idea you are most passionate about, and give your best efforts without thinking of any outcome. Just Work, In the process, you will realize so many things without anyone’s help. You will come to know what to avoid, what to consume. Eventually, you will learn, evolve and adapt with the new changes within you.

study tips and advice for teenagers

Career Job advice for teenagers and youth

Having a degree is fine, It’s just a backup. If you feel skeptical about your startup success, you can always have a choice to go back and make use of your degree to do any job for the time being.

Don’t ignore studies and at the same time, start working on your side hustle. But, don’t except success from startup, just one step at a time, when you put the essential efforts with the right strategies, automatically everything falls into its place. It’s just a matter of time, energy and patience.

Keep moving forward, no matter how slow the progression is. I truly believe that great things take time.

Once, you figure out how to monetize your efforts, all these years of hard work pay off within a day and from then nothing can stop you. If you continue to stay humble and learn from your mistakes, you are your own competition. Make yourself better, by learning from the people you admire.

Relationship advice for teenagers

When it comes to relationships, Some people are lucky that they meet right people early and others are just showing off their curated lifestyles. The point is we never know what the truth is.

So, what I suggest you is that, If really a curious person and have a vision to create a name for yourself, Then you will know what to do to go after your passion. Once, you begin to focus on your growth and witness little results the right people will attract towards you.

As far as my experience, chasing someone never really helped me. Instead, I did what I supposed to do, now people are trying to approach me for my help and doing their best to make connection and relationship with me. That’s how you grow


This is the right age and time to completely turn inwards and hustle brother. We have very less time on this earth than we normally expect.

So, do whatever you can, when you are young and accomplish everything that ever possible within your abilities. My best wishes to your future

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