Art – A Brief introduction to Arts (Beginner’s Guide)

Art – A Brief introduction to Arts (Beginner’s Guide)

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Art – in its widest sense, encompasses many different forms. Humans have had a profound relationship with art since the dawn of time, where it was practiced by almost all cultures and can be considered one of the defining characteristics of our species.

Like any other types of creativity, art has been evolving and expanding as such of a human’s consciousness and that of cosmos itself.

Man has come a long way ever since art has come into existence. It’s origin is the greatest gift that the mankind has ever given to himself. 

Art has a significant role in inspiring and elevating human mind especially in terms of creativity, imagination and connection.

As far as my observation one thing art conveys is that you cannot compare anything with anything else, but everything connects with everything else.

Everything that occupies space and matter in time, exudes energy. And the vibration of each entity influences it’s corresponding body. Which may either leads to destruction or to the sophisticated evolution; depends on how one prepares himself to the advancement of life. 

Art has a way of communicating the beauty of existence and surreality with a mere realization. 

Historically, it has come closest to bridging this gap between language and experience.

Such unique significance in its entirety helps each of us to reflect and understand the world; only if we have the audacity to perceive and interpret with a pure intention. 

It’s a matter of intuition and imagination; that have the power to solve almost all human problems. Only when both of them align with laws of physical nature, Some unknown forces guide us to create masterpiece in its finest form and usefulness.

For example one of such outcomes is  ‘Art.’ Which inspires us to breathe, dream and brings each other together, closer than ever with a strong connection. Because for everyone art is personal but the messages it conveys is universal. 

Here logic may not withstand but emotions surely prevail.

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What is art?

There is no universally accepted definition for what constitutes art, and the notions have changed due to progress. However, the concept of art is extremely personal and how one interprets and attach to it. One form of expression that connects to my heart as follows:

Definition of art: Art is a medium of expression through which an artist communicates his emotional experience and moral judgments. By unleashing his excessive emotional and creative energy, he satisfies his intellectual appetite and derives a state of enlightened equilibrium with the outer world.

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Meaning of art:

In English, the word ‘Art’ means skills, dexterity, or artisanship. There are two main divisions of art: the elegant (Fine) and the utilitarian (Useful). Modern art in particular revolves around the imagination of creative pleasure painting. And mostly such art is created by mental and physical expertise.

Who is an artist?

Artist definition: “An artist is a creator, a craftsman who finds pleasure in his endeavor.” Every artist carries a unique vision and is endowed with keen sensitivity, depth of understanding about the world, and especially heightened awareness of himself.

The History of art

The history of art goes back as far as a man can remember

Art History Timeline

Art history is divided into periods and movements. The difference between the two is time and purpose. Art periods are usually informed by historical eras, whereas art movements operate from a collective of artists.

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