Conscious love: The intersection of two destined souls.

Conscious love: The intersection of two destined souls.

Sometimes entirely two different people who do not have any common visions unexpectedly meet in the present. 

We are not sure whether it is the play of any supreme power or the will of one’s own fate.

“Some questions are unanswerable.” 

But somewhere the intersection of paths of their past, connected them to their future. 

One strong native root of their belief unified their souls.

If we think with our logical mind, though all meetings are not exactly premeditated. 

However, if we attach more to the spiritual side of our beliefs, we will be convinced by the reality. That-

“Every situation of our life is a destiny which is leading us to discover some superior force within us.”

We are beyond this physical world. We are much more than that of our mind, heart and soul combined. 

To tell the truth, we are an entirety of the consciousness that had never been realized.

 We are a reality, we are an illusion and notably we are the cognizance of everything that ever existed.

In fact, we are our past, present and future. We are our memories, awareness and visions. 

We are the complexity of time and space itself. Embodied in the most sophisticated human spirit, at its simplest manifestation.

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