Why it is different to be a dreamer and dream catcher?


If you think with my mind perhaps you will come to a conclusion, that the world is being represented by only one set of race. “Dreamers.” Because there is a longing passion hidden in their blood, which drive their nights into days and days into novels, an innovative lands and never ending dreams.

  In longing I see only sadness everywhere but occupied with inspiration to do something significant that the world would be compelled to remember forever.

 With one eye I see only sadness because “Dreams initiate desires. Desires create uncertainty. Uncertainty is the beginning of misery. Because of baseless thoughts the consequence of life’s yearning is exceptionally unbearable. Hence I feel as long as there is no thought, there is always a bliss.”

As long as there is no thought, there is always a bliss.

However on other side, the birth of a thought is inevitable and its journey to find the righteous path makes our human life much more challenging and meaningful.

Considering that life is not just about being happy but the balance of everything that created by our thoughts and that of existed nature

Thus, the freedom of mind gives access to the innovation and that is well mastered by few of the unique set of individuals, “whose imagination is their end and intuition is the beginning.”

Imagination is the end and intuition is the beginning.

Yes “Dreamers aka dream catcher”, the world is full of dreamers. But split into unorganized individuals, recognized in their own way of perceptions. Some are limited to their thinking and some are evolved not just with time but with a well-organized mindset that has adopted for the unfamiliarity.  Which is the absolute sign of growth.

Don’t just be pessimistic about the situations that doesn’t define your worth. Don’t allow this unkind world to rule your life. There is so much we are capable of doing with the act of love and righteous mindset. Make your thoughts powerful that has the ability to withstand any reality and create unforgettable history and beyond.

Be the Dream catcher, never put yourself down because of life’s tests. Yes, life is not fair sometimes but we are not limited with the options too, we have endless possibilities to create the life we wish to live.

Believe in yourself that you can do anything, realize that you are enough and no negative thought can influence you to be the person that you are not supposed to be.

Just know that if you travel anywhere in your thoughts, then you can outreach everything that has never existed. It’s just the matter of your vision and the ability to take actions to change your life towards you’re your dreams.

Finally, I want to conclude that dreams are not just imaginations they are the realities that no one ever dared to prove to naked eyes. But if we believe that we have that special ability to pursue it, feed it and execute that particular dream in ways that only we can do it but none.

I feel we can achieve every single thought we think. Until and unless it should not affect people’s lives negatively.

So, if you truly think that you have some unique idea that would impact the world positively never let your limited thinking stop it. Even in your lowest hour, bring courage to yourself and remember that you are a dream catcher. Let your acts attract the success. Soon or later the very dreams you live in, become the reality.

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Why it is different to be a dreamer and dream catcher?

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