Dreams come true when you commit to your instincts and ready to fly.


In the every new dawn, rise with a fresh dream. Clean off your nightmares, gather your values, put on your courage, commit to your instincts and ready to fly.

Walk as long as you can sight the path. Withdraw when there is no clarity. Adjust your focus and change the direction where it is necessary.

Swim through the depths. Keep flying and embrace the journey with highs and lows. When the time comes burn not to sacrifice but to be the light for those who seek it.

You always knew what you are! Without any doubt, you always aware of the truth even when you don’t have any proof. You knew it would take a little longer but you will reach there definitely. Dreams come true but for only to those who commit to the idea of their belief without any judgement, without any expectation but just with love, passion and determination.

After all, everything happens as per our will. When we bring the lessons of past and the ideas of future to the moment of present and begin to live in it.

Life is just a thought, living everything at the moment combined. The experience of everything is the moment of being alive. And to be alive is what makes us feel whole.

Breathe full breast. Let go of anything that cannot be altered. And allow everything that inspires you to be yourself. Then freedom follows as long as it could be cherished.

Naveen Bommakanti.

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Dreams come true when you commit to your instincts and ready to fly.

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