Not any has dreams, everyone has desires.


Not any has dreams, everyone has desires.

Not many can dream, because hardly any, have vision.

Anyone can dream, but not all can have the will.

Everyone dreams and that just remains as their only desire. Apparently that’s where the ignorance ignites and the opportunity to the future shatters.

We as a generation of this age are driven by the unwanted attention, fame and materials. Manipulated by the unpopular desires mislabeled as dreams in the name of goals that take us nowhere but to the back of time.

We need to understand the phenomena of dreams. The right structure of vision, a future and a world of innovation in which imagination is its only end.

The way to live is to dream. Dreams are the eternal enlightenment of a mind. The immortality of a heart. And the natural reason to breathe.

Dreams bring us clarity, they make us sensible to the living. In the process to realize our dreams, the pain it causes due to the external factors is unbearable.

However, whoever understands the worthy to dream, realizes much more than just a pain.

Dreams evoke a being, but desires evoke a demon. Desires eat one alive if not achieved. Dreams keep one alive irrespective of the results. Because they make us understand the working of life.

Desires are good as long as they are processed. The phenomena of desires focuses on the end of the goals. So, as long as you cherish the process you will be rewarded with its fate.

On the other hand, dreams are the only way to discover our true selves. The phenomena of dreams lies in the power of our spirit to realize them. So dream as high as you can and become the greatest being of your imagination.

Desire but be aware. Dream and go get it.

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Not any has dreams, everyone has desires.

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