When the clock stops, everything makes sense.


There is the presence of profoundness in each soul. Whether one realizes or not, It always speaks in the simplest language to make us stick to the grounds, understand the silence and work with the pain that is growing from within.

It is not that easy to be in the hour of numb. However, the suffering has to be faced by the heart of our own, irrespective of the choices that had been made.

Suffering enable us to understand each event that we go through. The higher we evolve with the experiences, the lower we tend to settle. It’s not the sign of weak but the will of one’s own strength.

The greatness of simplicity cannot be digested by the random seekers.

In order to attain the greatness, one needs to cross the illness of the mind and climb the mountain of wellness.

The humbleness of the soul is endured in its absence too. Once it executed its layers of sensitivity.

To realize the feeling of profoundness that had been hidden in its lowest point. One needs to be in harmony with himself. Act peacefully in the motion of stillness and earn the badge of love wherever we appear.

Then the beauty of awareness is exposed in the very light that we seek and in every demon that is forbidden.

No matter what the concept of life that we lead! The heart’s depth is glory and the mind’s height is dreamy but the profoundness of one’s soul is absolutely the entire cosmic space.

In the beginning we will be hurt, broken, devastated, suffered, suffered and experienced the hell of life in our own ways more than we could have ever imagined.


When the time comes, the clock stops and everything makes sense.

After all, “Living is just a state of mind, One can die his whole life with a wrong mindset.”

Naveen Bommakanti.

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When the clock stops, everything makes sense.

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