Why do people fail in life but still stay happily alive with pain?

Why do people fail in life but still stay happily alive with pain?

Last updated on August 23rd, 2020 at 03:54 am

Sadly! In life our beliefs hurt us more than the truth does.

The truth is, we are not aware of what to believe in. But to go with the heart of the soul.

Our belief is to believe in the truth and to realize our innocence.

Therefore, our life runs by the truths that are not sure to believe in but to have faith that it could be true and should come true.

More often the truth lies in the righteous questions.

And the question is.

Do people really fail in life?

Not exactly, if we mastered our mindsets to “open for everything and nothing.”

Most importantly,    

Does failure exists?

Yes, for those who believe in it.

Considered, then

Why do people fail in life?

  • If we never learn anything new from our choices we fail.


  • When we are incapable of executing the learned lessons, then it results to our failure.


  • Most life decisions fail only because we “Fear.” Though the fear might be for many reasons but the ultimate one is our “lack of self-awareness.” And “Unconsciousness of everything.”

Okay! So,

Why do people fail in life but still stay happily alive with pain?

The best thing about human beings is that, no matter how slowly or fast we allow to grow in terms of mentality our common sense and the intelligence always guide us to survive in any situations.

In spite of any number of horrible challenges we come across in our lives still somewhere our wit understands the life to its core.

 No matter how worse our life’s situations become we choose to raise our standards by thinking of the positive sides of everything. Because we know failure is not the destiny, we know we are smarter, we know that failing is what made us smarter and still we stay happily alive with pain. Because that is how we inspire ourselves to move forward.


When it comes to the Failure in life:

It’s not about failing anymore.

We are learning to explore more of the positive side of everything that’s where our functionalities find their purposes and possibilities to evolve.

Life is all about

  1.  Becoming smarter than the previous moment and use our intelligence to bring harmony in the world to live a better life in easier ways.
  2.  Advancing our beliefs, faiths, spirits and mindsets to grow exponentially.
  3. Altering the existing ambiguous truths with the wiser ones,
  4. Pushing our strengths and weakness beyond their capabilities in order to prove that everything has a voice and it has something significant to convey.
  5.  It should be felt and realize that it has certain context of truth and meaning that helps for our evolution.
  6. All that we need to have, a willing heart, an open mind for the change and acceptance to grow

 “Simply, Life is all about realization. Organizing one’s own thoughts, truly in conscious awareness of his own acts, executing his instincts, learning, evolving and breathe effortlessly to love and be loved.”

Despite the failure and success, The only thing matters is that to look deep into your heart, decide what it truly wants and act what is right for you. That leads to a blissful satisfaction with no regret and guilty

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