Is happiness a choice? Why happiness without sadness has no meaning?

Happiness is such an overrated pursuit.

The moment we come to our senses from all the persuasions of life — For instance, in particular, from the set of our personal faiths, conventional beliefs and the universal truths.

Soon we recognize that our life is not encompasses to just happiness, but our entire existence is the union of ignorance, confusion, misery, hardships, clarity and a whole pack of everything which makes our life more complicated to understand.

Although, we understand as we experience. We experience as we begin to pay attention to the emotions of nature and the nature of its existence.

What we are longing for? Where we are heading? Why we are sad, when the very fact that each one’s aim is to be in peace with oneself?

We comprehend everything from the moment we alter our perspective on thinking. And with a single thought most of the issues fade into life’s beach. Such is the power of one’s mind-set.

Having said that, life has a way with its intelligence. And many things are determined by the exterior phenomena. Thus, difficulties and sorrows are innate experiences that hold us to our grounds.

People seek external validation or search for happiness because we do not know our purpose.

For a moment, even if we think, that we found our true purpose. But in the next instant, still we will be lost in the life’s abyss and in the quest of meaning without understanding the actual philosophy in it. 

Is happiness a choice? Of course, it is. Though we seek happiness for its advantages, but the main drawback of it lies in itself — “Happiness makes us to focus only one side of life.”

If we understand that simple phenomena, our perception opens the door to the other side of our imagination that make us aware about our own and the world around us. 

Happiness without sadness has no meaning. Nevertheless, we cannot pursue just happiness and avoid the pain. It is not fair to dwell in just sadness and ignore joy. Also, we cannot just stick with either of these and abandon the rest of the life’s fruits.

There are remarkably higher pursuits than just happiness and sadness. Whatever hardship the life may inject into one’s unrealized path. Our intent is to seek and in content with the process. But not to take anything for granted. Then everything reveals itself with a new realization. 

More often it is good to remind ourselves, life is better the way it is when everything is working as per its will and bring nothing but harmony to the voyage. 

Even if it is not working as per our convenience, at least we have control over our thoughts. We have the choice to discover our inner worlds and make the core values as a priority and work period to meet our vision.

So, in one or other way the main motive is to use our faculties at their utmost possibility to reinvent the novel opportunities that are useful for our evolution. But not to run after anything that do not make an actual sense. 

If we are running, that indicates 3 important perspectives.

  • Primarily, we are running because we are chasing after something.
  • Secondary, we are running because we want to escape from something
  • And third, we are running without any purpose.

To consider the first point, we need to realize whatever we are running after, whether it is happiness or anything. 

Is it worthy to be chased? Or else can be altered just with a mind-set and achieve it with a clarity.

To talk about the second point, especially, if we relate this to pain, does escaping every time really solves our issues?

Understanding its essence and learn to deal with it creates an actual sense of living. Sometimes going through is the only way to survive and revive with wisdom.

To learn about the third point, there are equal amounts of causes and consequences.

I.e. if we want something but moving forward without any vision takes us nowhere but to illness.

However, as long as we have a clear intention that we are running for nothing, without any expectations, just living the life the way it is. It’s a great realization.

Happiness is not that which has to be sought but to be embraced without any reason.

And to realize the importance of sadness — More often pain is the answer to every question and simply a path to the more strength. 

Never treat pain as negativity but the source of inspiration. Never take pain as the source of depression but as a lesson to be mastered.

Allow every physical, emotional and psychological pain as a home of growth, development and transformation.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to remember, happiness is not to be in present or past or future. Happiness is just an inspired thought and a good vibration, irrespective of the moment.

Happiness brings us the satisfaction and fulfilment. But those are not completely life, they are like the rest of every part of our breath.

If you want to create something, be contented with everything. 

Whatever you are seeking, you get most of our yearnings neither in blissfulness nor in extreme misery but purely in silence. You greet your true self — a selfless soul, in a well-balanced stillness.

Once, you found yourself in your stillness, choose your suffering consciously. When you choose to suffer for good, you chose to grow righteously. But keep the suffering with yourself and share the clarity in it.

Our life is more than just to be occupied by ourselves. We need to give as much as we take. We are the creators to this creation as long as we exist.

We organize the chaos of life in its deepest depths and bring order to the happiness from a mere realization that expand our limited understanding to infinite intelligence.

Therefore, our mind evolves with the multiple perspectives that bring new awareness to our thoughts and profound dimensions to our life with an unlimited consciousness.

The moment we open up to the universe, we no longer belong to ourselves. We become free and ready for life. Then there are only possibilities and certainties which take us to places that never existed even in our dreams.

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