How smart are you?

How smart are you?

The smartest people think they are the smartest of all.

Smarter people hope that they are smarter than the smartest.

Smart people believe that they are as smart as smarter and smarter than the smartest one.

But trust me, they are not so smart as they think, hope and believe.

Every one of them is a fool to compare themselves with others. An actual smart person would never ever do that.

Naveen Bommakanti

How smart are you?

You are unique, you are original. We only learn from others achievements and failures. We are not any lesser nor superior to others.

 Everyone is special, the only thing matters is that how well you are aware of yourself? And nothing else matters. 

So, bring out the potential in you to prove yourself how good you are and what you can do to change your difficult situations and turn them into the most innovative creations that help you and the world as well. 

Show up, stand for yourself and soon everything starts changing within and around you 🙂

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