How to love yourself? This best evidence is purely the art of self-love.


If you ask me, how to love yourself? I wouldn’t even think much of anything to express how much I love myself. Because to love oneself is the greatest way to love others. 

Once if we accept the ugly flaws and beautiful features of our own, then we have a well-defined comprehension on the life of our fellow-beings. This is the importance of self-love.

One has to learn to embrace one’s life without even judging based on the material status within the society or the psychological achievements within himself.

If you firmly affirm yourself that every individual is extra-ordinarily distinctive and has possessed with the equal amount of strengths and potentials to lead the life with a great courage. You will confirm how beautiful it is be alive with such powers.

Our mind is the greatest gift that god has blessed us with. If we all realize the importance of what we have and make use of it, Soon or later we become the masters of our destiny. 

Thus, surely everyone will be ready to appreciate the essence of life. Especially how exceptional to be the part of human family.

That having been said, to put it in my way with a fresh perspective, let me go to another level of my mind and proudly say to you that how much I love myself, 

“If there is a concept of rebirth, then I pray to god to assure my birth as replica of my own self. Because this is the only evidence to prove myself and to others that, I love myself the most than anyone in this universe.”

Hope you recognize your true self too and begin to share your worth without any insecurities and fears.

The art of self-love is the only way to earn the hearts of our beloveds. Involve with your body and mind, then your soul will be capable of proving wonders to the world.

Thank you, realize and breathe to inspire.

Yours author,

Naveen Bommakanti.

If my thoughts inspired you, share to your loved ones and help them to become better version of themselves. And leave your feedback in the comments as a token of love. 

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How to love yourself? This best evidence is purely the art of self-love.

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