How to make a decision when you do not know what to do?


Whatever you are doing in your life right now; wherever you feel stuck in your life and don’t know what to do with your life – Whether professionally or personally or in relationships – I request you to pause for a moment or two. 

Or consider taking more time to make yourself free if you really want to solve this problem.

I believe you are truly serious about it and made yourself free and chose to solve the problem.

If you are ready,

Repeat the same question –

“How to make a decision when you do not know what to do?”

But, here is the condition, ask as if you are talking the question to yourself instead of asking someone or seeking answers from someone.

Think critically about the question again and again until you understand the question itself.

Reframe the question from other angles.

“Why am I unable to make a decision?”

“Is it really that I do know what to do and not capable of deciding anything?”

This approach of brainstorming allows you to be flexible and help you to become more open to the possibilities than limiting to the problem itself.

It is because most of the time we ask wrong questions. 

When you ask the wrong questions, you go far away from the solution.

Here is the thing, it is not that you do not know what to do, but the main problem is, “You stuck with the choices you have.”  

Sometimes the choices are 

Fear – “What if it’s doesn’t work?”

Insecurities – “I am not good enough

and other times,

Too much freedom – “I Know what I do, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone” and end up taking no decision at all.

Never take the decisions from the source of fear or from full of ignorance

Stand up for what you believe in. Be responsible for your own life. Whatever you do is not because of your family, friends, or relations. It’s about yourself and what kind of person you aspire to become.


Here is what I do when I feel that I am in a situation where I just can’t make any Decision. 

I reflect and listen to my intuition. Then I visualize the outcome of the decision which I am going to make now – How would it impact my life after 5 years to a decade of time. If in fear where my future lies then definitely go with my guts.

It’s not because difficult paths lead to beautiful destination. It’s purely because my thoughts, beliefs, my vision are in sync with the fear and they are all co-exist and work on background to make impossible possible.

Now, it’s your turn to think – what is that your future self want from you, from this moment of uncertainty”

Make yourself clear.

Just reflect and Take at least one decision, It’s better than not taking any action at all. Be responsible for yourself and bear the pain anyway irrespective of the consequences.

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How to make a decision when you do not know what to do?

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