Immortal love: War with Lucifer


Oh my love, even if you choose to die a thousand times more. 

Aye, I take no time to start a war with the god of hell – The devil winged Lucifer.

Just to revive you as an immortal, 

To forge ahead our fragmentary love traces, 

To relive with you, to make you feel warm and safe in my artistic arms for the rest of our eternal breaths.

Oh, my beloved love, I have no aim to cause a violence and I influence no evil to be the reason for this barbarity. 

Not even the god nor his devil rivalries.  But, I help not even myself to start a war when it is the matter of my love. 

I wish he understands the harmony of my soul and the purity of your heart. I dare him to send you back to me with a clean blood that help me to meet him again for his righteous act when the time stops and our love begins.

Yours love,

Naveen Bommakanti.


Immortal love: War with Lucifer

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