What inspires you to be the inspiration?


To live a well-defined life, directly or indirectly we all are running after only one thing, “Inspiration.” Inspire to discover oneself, inspire to create a life out of thoughts, Inspire to change the lives of the world for better, Inspire to grow wise, and be inspired to be the inspiration. No matter in what context a person can be influenced to move forward. Whether it is love, passion, realization, money, fame or power. There is only one common root that linked to every source of their inspiration is the responsibility they carry in their life. Responsibility inspires a person to become an inspiration. To represent the lives that matter for the welfare of all. A Soldier is an inspiration, as he risks his life and takes the crown of responsibility to protect the nation. A Father is an inspiration for his responsibility to sacrifice and work hard for the dreams of his children. etc., Being responsible itself shows the strength, vision and character of a person. Who is courageous enough is to recognize the beauty of truth to bring all together in harmony.What inspires me is my responsibility to take care of my beloved people and the world around me. And make them responsible to think for themselves and reflect their righteous thoughts on the actions that inspire their loved ones and the world around them. 

So that they discover their inspiration and be responsible to convey the powerful message for the love of all. 
 Out of all external influences, The responsibility of love is the inspiration for all our deeds that keep inspires us to love and be loved. And that represents the greatest humanity.

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What inspires you to be the inspiration?

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