Your intuition is your god, who leads you towards your dream.


I will tell you my understanding about life and the realization of the dream so far. “It’s blur”. You want something terribly that you are not sure of, but have an enormous passion to get it. You don’t know how it looks like. And you have no clear vision about life. To be accurate, the pursuit of your life’s dream doesn’t exist.

However, you can just feel it with all your guts. Which is all yours, because you are going to create it all by yourself. With your sweat, blood and the flesh. You are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the realization of your dream. 

The lives of the world around you linked to your mind. It motivates you to be responsible and advance the lives of your beloveds for better.

You are aware that, the power to save yourself from the poverty of the mind exists in your ability to adapt with the adverse experiences. And strive for the excellence without any fear.

There are times when your aim shatters, the fate hits you and tests you with its twists but nothing beats your courage and the strength to move forward. You fail to climb fast but never stop moving. 

You discover alternate inspiration in the days of discouragement. Each time you go low, you aim higher and inspire yourself with your commitment. Because you remind your responsibility. 

There is no home for negativity. You see only possibilities in the every walk of your life longing patience. Your intuition is your god, who leads you towards your dream.

With the great dreams, in the way to success, you encounter greater and wiser people who change the course of your life swiftly and bring much more meaning to your dreams. They make you to realize the comprehension of the life’s purpose relate with each individual.

The journey changes you, you become resourceful. The virtues of modesty and humility sets your personality beyond humane.

The best thing about following your intuition, you just don’t go after your passion or heart or dreams to achieve something outside. You are coming inwards to your self-discovery.

The aim of a dream is to make you realize your spiritual-self. To open your mind wider, deeper and consider every aspect of life in absolute awareness. So that you will reach the higher state of mind and will be able to understand the life in all dimensions. 

You will solve the issues of the world from the psychological discoveries to the technological inventions naturally with wise approaches and ultimate solutions. 

With the love of your dream, you become the love to the world, towards who seek. You connect deeper to all the living beings. And able to feel the pain and happiness with your empathy. 

That makes you become a better human who serves his people for their wellness and wealthiness. The deeds you do on outside reflect your inner wealth.  Your sincerity, discipline, dedication and determination makes you the master of your creations.

Finally, with all your energy, perseverance and great efforts the day arrives.

The collaboration of your thoughts with the actions shaped your dream into the glorious reality.

This victory is the reflection of your personality that earned you a legendary identity.

When you reached the dream of your life with a great realization. You look back, you are not sure what things you did, to reach there. You don’t have a sharp memory. You are not sure how it looked like, “It’s blur.” But you can just feel it with all your guts. That everything you went through is really felt like a life.

“What one has to learn is, listen to his power of intuition and achieve clarity in his life. Perhaps that is the only inspiration that drives us with patience until we feel it not just with a heart but with every sensation. To endure each little thing with purposeful breath.”

Thank you,

Yours author

Naveen Bommakanti.

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Your intuition is your god, who leads you towards your dream.

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