The aim is not to know the truth.


Suddenly, Doors open from every end. This is the sign for the beginning of life. There is a clarity in mind. Every beat of the heart starts making sense. The soul feels free and wild.

At first, we do not understand why there is a drastic change in the environment inside us.

However, we notice that change gradually projecting on the outer space of our body too.

Once we what believed was true, is no longer any near to the truth.

Everything seemed forever and still. Everything seemed in motion and has no end.

After all, These many years I was not aware of life.

At this moment whatever I believe is true, will change itself and the perspective of life at any distant time.

Therefore, the aim is not to know the truth but to realize it doesn’t exist at all.

One day this perception of my mine will also change. However, It doesn’t matter anymore. Now I am ready to accept everything. I am open to every idea of the mind that create a life out of it.

Life is really  brief, make use of every moment. Destiny has different ends. So, better to focus on the vibrations and the reverberations of each event.

A simple way to evolve is, not to limit to anything. There is a power to our spirits that leave a significant footprint. In order to create a timeless impression of our existence, the main thing is to realize. As long as we are alive nothing is permanent. The idea is, “Change.”

Yours author,

Naveen Bommakanti.

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The aim is not to know the truth.

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