Life has such a serious plan.


Life has such a serious plan. Although, how awfully we are being carried away by the illusions of our own mind.

In the most unforgettable moments, it always turns up with an unexpected twist. The whole world collapses on our unrealized purpose. Which causes great damage to our existence. We can’t withstand the pain it created. The suffering is just familiar to the heart of our own. It cannot be imagined or expressed but can be experienced only through the will of one’s fate.

No matter how big our dreams are! And how passionate we are to meet our vision! They become minimal and make no sense in front of the very tragedy that life planned for us in its mysterious chest.

Though may the blame to be deserved by the life for its ungrateful approach. But the destiny we ought to be encountered is certainly inevitable.

In these moments of uncertainty, we need to force ourselves to come out of the victim mindset and from the emotions that draining our energy to the sickness.

We need to focus on the essence of our life plan, on the master plan it’s trying to help us to realize. There is always a thoughtful outcome beneath the unborn struggle.

The more we learn to have patience by developing a still mind, the less negative energy will be initiated and helps us to prosper our progress.

If we think beyond ordinary and begin to analyze the past, present and future along with our actions. Finally, we arrive to our own destined moment but with a conclusion that makes a lot more sense. We understand the answers to all the important questions that start with why, what, when, where and how.

Despite all the hardships we experience. If we ignore the rage, the good thing about pain and suffering is, they make us more humble, sincere and be honest to our own heart.

These changes in the inner character reflect on the outer personality. That create a major impact on the world we live in. We become more mindful, heartful and soulful towards our companions. We care, understand, empathize and inspire peace, love, and harmony. As well, we bring a meaning to the humanity by spreading love across of our existence.

At first, it seems, the life’s plan might be the toughest way. But as time passes we understand that its true aim is to make us to realize the most important things that matter to our survival. And protect our basic values to move forward with a well-organized mindset.

Though nature is already perfectly organized, if we dare to go against its gravity the disturbance it creates in the core of its chest reflect on the hearts, minds and souls of our lives. Vanishes our entire universe without any single trace. Our unusual end will be back to the beginning.

We cannot alter some natural losses and scarification. As they are meant to be the paths that had to be crossed in order to meet our righteous fate.

Nothing will be equal to our faith and the belief we create in ourselves.

If we are true to our instincts, the strength we gather from the life’s most essential chapters will transform the mitigating circumstances into the favorable moments that help us to create a beautiful future.

The dreams once we passionately devoted would be resurrected with more power guided by absolute clarity. Now we are aware that life has such a serious plan. The one ultimate lesson which it thought is “Pain is the answer to every question.”

Life begins with pain and ends with pain. But to experience it less painful, Love is the solution. Understanding is the remedy and realization is the enlightenment.

Choices we make decides everything that we go through.

So decide, what to ignore and what to perceive. Your life is in your grip and you can plan your life the way you dream and fly to achieve your best future self.

Remember! “Every breath is a destiny.” Therefore, appreciate your success for being fully alive.

Later, explore your imagination. Then everything is reality. How crazy the life is!

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Life has such a serious plan.

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