Abandoned Love : The Mourning Star.

From the dawn of time till the dusk of life, my devotion to you is safely treasured in the heart of my mind.

Wrapped up closely with the songs of fire, gazing for the presence of your sign in the center of the cosmos with my heartless soul and soulful heart.

Mother nature and I are darned to loneliness by emphasizing the beauty of your spirit, end up living with a hunger to the death in the hope of your love.

The Shades of your memories brought chaos to the elements of life.

The space of quantum desired to feel the echo of the wings of my angel.

The earth in paradise missed the essence of the inexplicable emotions of my queen.

The sea near the oasis wanted to touch the tail of my mermaid.

The fire beyond the glacier is out of its flames in the need of my love’s wild fierce eyes.

The air around me poisoned herself with a lack of purity in the absence of my lady’s breath.

Where have you been hiding the love and light of my life? I want you to come back to our home. The home of our soul.

Save me from this dusk and bring me back to the dawn. The dawn of our life, the life of our love and stay with me forever by holding on to the bag of my bones until we both turn into the ashes of the divine. 

                                                          Yours love,

                                                  Naveen Bommakanti

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