Perhaps, we all have taken the word – “Never give up” too serious.


Often, people stuck with the moments. Particularly, individuals with good intentions, forced to remain with the offensive minutes which shattered their beliefs and shut their hearts permanently.

“It is clear, each one of us owns a unique history that lead us to this present.” 

Along with the past, we carried our own baggage that is impossible to get rid of. Though, we are at this moment, the memory is still revolving around the event of disaster that decayed our faith from its roots.

After a considerable amount of reasoning about this situation, I reached a conclusion- It is just a misinterpretation of people that they frequently feel they stuck in life. The part of the problem is not with the time of bad old days or horrible people who defy our conventions.

Perhaps, we all have taken the word – “Never give up” too serious and become too sensitive towards life by holding on to everything that matters no more.

The reason for such stubbornness and obstinate behavior- We focused more on learning and obsessed with the experiences rather than the outcomes. Whether it is a productive result or utter failure. The main concern is keeping ourselves busy with the life we dreamt, in the hope to become better. 

We may think by looking at our own status- we feel that we stuck in our memories. But honestly, we can’t completely justify our life based on one particular moment of past or present. Because, no one stuck in life. Everyone is growing in their own way. Irrespective of their destiny, all are becoming better, no matter what pace they are in!

People have different personalities. Some people choose difficult paths to experience the life more clearly. Because they knew that is how they discover themselves personally, intellectually and spiritually. So that, it leads them to understand the world around.

Some people choose the way where there is less bumpy roads and heavy winds. Because they knew that is what makes them happy. However, everyone suffers in their own way and that is their unrealized happiness.

Thinking and experiences may vary and whatever the path each individual choose, The main goal of every human is to become better at life and which is only possible by thinking better.

If you think you are not moved on from your past or from the difficult situation or you really feel that you stuck in life, The reason for that- so far, you didn’t learn the lesson which you supposed to learn from your adversities. 

By experiencing that particular lesson, possibly, your life will advance 1000 times better and faster than ever. 

The perks of never giving up will guide to its own rewards, if you know the art of decision-making and leading with conscious choices and efforts.

However, maybe you should give up on some things and realize. If you lose something, you get the opportunity to become better. That if you still hold onto something that lacks in originality, you are hindering your growth. 

The main life lesson here is, Never give up on life until when it is necessary to give up to grow up.

Let yourself grow, You will earn your name only when you act without any fear and achieve with utmost sincerity. Do not allow anything that do not possess depth, authenticity and sensitivity.

Nothing hurts more than the pain of your own thoughts.

More than anything, more often you need to protect from yourself. Then you will begin to experience what life actually holds in its nature and in the nature of its own creation that will help you to grow and guide you to reach the skies.


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Perhaps, we all have taken the word – “Never give up” too serious.

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