Truth will not give answers, our perspectives will.


Truth will not give answers, our perspectives will. Truth is only one but perspectives are many. The new perspectives open doors to new thinking that create multiple dimensions to single goal.

We can visualize our single problem in distinct angles and approach with creative solutions. This help to improve how to think better, expand our mind and open everything out of it. That’s the beauty of imagination. There are no rules of right or wrongs but better solutions to each subject.

 Truth is simple and conclusion of everything. But Life becomes more curious when there is something beyond the truth and that cannot be concluded.

When there is no end to everything then there are endless chances of improvement and possibilities that only create greater opportunities which evolve instinctively and becomes superior as time passes. Improvement is the only goal of life that becomes better by experience.

Better is always the best. So, keep imagining, innovate the world with better ideas and never stop learning because perspectives change the world to become better, greater and superior. So does we along with it.

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Truth will not give answers, our perspectives will.

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