We all are slaves of the mind.

realization awareness and consciousness

Importance of realization, awareness and consciousness:

We all are slaves of the mind, even the very freedom we seek is the mind’s order.

We create our own barricades, block all the passages, decide what not to do, believe in everything which doesn’t even exist, limit ourselves with whatever existed and then try hard to escape from all the uncertainties that we inject into our heads.

No single creature outside our body has control over us, even if they appear to be. We are just being fooled by our strange brains. Misguided by the shadows of our eyes, adapted to the logic of our senses. Obsessed with the worldly possessions created by our imagination. To the core we are being manipulated by our very biological system.

So, now reiterate, what is the cause of our issues?

The utter failures of our lives work is the lack of awareness of our own biology and the functionality of our complex inner mechanism.

The cause of all issues is not because of lack of education but one’s inability to think.

And the root of all illness is the fear- Just question yourself! Fear of whatnot!

Out of all the extrinsic desires, the only essential approaches we are attempting towards is, connection and independence.

Yet, everyone is seeking for valuable connection, everyone is seeking for individual independence. But what everyone failing to realize is- The aim of connection is not to connect with the world but to one’s own self. And the aim of independence is not to become free but to connect with the world.

“When one connects to one’s higher self the ultimate freedom is the connection to everything.”

Therefore, the learning should begin with mind and end with soul. Hence, everything else includes in it.

In such a way, The journey of mastering mind is the way to realization, then advances its search to be aware and eventually ends with consciousness. Forthwith, The life begins.

Naveen Bommakanti.

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We all are slaves of the mind.

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