5 powerful secrets to self discovery.


I do not know what I am becoming, but there is something profoundly happening inside me. I am feeling like the walls of my body are evolving. The boundaries of my imagination are detaching me from reality. Maybe I am in the path to my self discovery. My heart is stretching to the space of the ancient mountains. My soul is exceedingly reaching the abyss of the ocean. And I am feeling stronger than the thousand splendid suns. There is absolutely a universe unfolding with a rapid phase from the nucleus of my life. I slowly started to realize each memory of my past to the present. My thoughts are completely focused on the very moment of my every breath. Often, I am not feeling any pain yet there is a great sadness consuming me from within. My instincts state that the source of my grief is from the love of my life. Who is going through the war to earn the love of my heart. There is also serious sorrow cluttering my mind. Every impulse responds to me, it is due to the very responsibility that I am carrying over my shoulders. To fulfil the dreams of my cherished beloved. To root out the very suffering from the world with the outcomes of my crafts.The intense pain of the courteous citizens around me. The biased behaviour of pirated humans all over the world upsetting my inner environment. Everywhere there is so much happening without any understanding. Without any morals provoking such an uncertainty.  Although a lot is being followed by the actions of the world. I do not know why a major share of my soul absolutely in bliss with myself.My intuition reveals that it is because I discovered the origin and purpose of life. I rewrote the creation of my existence to become whom I meant to be.  Due to an intimate experience with my soul. Moreover, by a great realization, I discovered the sources to resist the cruelty of life. By evolving into a sophisticated functionality of existence. 

My 5 secrets to self discovery and ultimate fulfillment.

The moment I perceived my surroundings. I didn’t fit in the setting because, I was not born to be indifferent or meet the perfection to earn the incentives of the two-faced honour. I was original since the beginning even without the awareness of self discovery. 

In the path of perfection, the world misguided me to flow with the crowd to be ordinary. And win the smiles of the world in the ways that I am not passionate about. 

Suddenly now they expect me to be good at everything they dream of. No this is not the way of my life, not for the god sake.

 Then I created my own life to achieve freedom in my direction. I found my own truths to survive any pain through self discovery.

1. Isolation:

 “Not certainly to be forever but choose isolation when significantly necessary.”  Firstly, I chose the most comfortable status in the world i.e. home. To be isolated from the world, to stay with myself to retreat my fullest potential. I have spent a considerable amount of time to learn more about my desires, aspirations and inner integrity. Living alone, I mastered how to treat myself. Nothing can hurt me now. Isolation is an ideal home which has complete access to everything within the mind. It should not be forever.

 Once you fully became aware of yourself, you will no longer settle. You will explore with the highest state of wisdom.

2. Silence:

 “At first, It seems like a void but the true meaning rests in silence.” When there is complete isolation the only pair which fits its beauty is, silence. When you are in silence it feels like you have eternal time to exist in this beautiful life. 

There is absolutely a beauty hidden in calmness. Every breath you sense holds such a power in it because simply silence is pure.    

3. Imagination:

 For optimistic: “Imagination is the only creation with no origin, no belief, no axis. Simply perfection. No pain, no suffering there is only absolute bliss seized by beyond everything.” 

I have acquired a mindset that no longer matches the common world. It is just because of the efforts that I put in realizing my psychic abilities.

 I have created endless lives in my mind to understand every pattern. And I am still learning, everyone can reach one’s true potential if you begin to dialogue with your soul.

When you listen to life, it responds to you with its absolute wisdom.  That’s the power of the mind. “Thoughts are the beginning and end of everything. They even have the power to end everything from the beginning.”

 So be wise to choose what you think. Your imagination is the world’s only source to create a complete life and fulfillment.

4. Feeling everything (Empathy):

 “Highly powerful empathy:  consider it as a supernatural power to feel everything.” What is greater than possessing everything in a grain of brain? I feel gifted to born with the ability to feel everything.

 Absorbing and perceiving everything from a different reality. It is just like monitoring the universe with mind and grasping all the energies of the cosmos.My intuition grew much stronger after I chose to be alone by syncing with the silence. My mind has innate ability to feel strong and connect with the universe. It is truly exhausting to feel the emotions of the world. However, when you have the ability to read the world and to visualize the future it is easy to understand the intentions of the world to make use of this opportunity to bring meaning and peace to the world. 

5. Stillness:

 ” Stillness: The highest state of freedom, that is bliss and peace.” Back from beginning to end: I do not know what I am becoming, but my sources declare that I am heading in the right way, straight to myself. The only truth.

Conclusion :

No person in this world is not completely aware of their actions all of their lives, but it can be achieved through pain. By realizing the pain one can accomplish anything in this world. But self-discovery should be the primary goal to make use of his mind to master the imagination. And to explore the possibilities of evolution.Isolated from the world for a certain period to embrace the beauty of silence and accumulate all the wisdom from nature by the absolute feeling of everything then there is only stillness, bliss, heaven, Now he becomes the human source of wisdom  It doesn’t matter, even if everything destroyed from the outside, create one thing for yourself, which keeps you alive in the inside. Therefore, you will survive in the eternal storms eventually you will become the creator of your own fate.

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5 powerful secrets to self discovery.

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