Past, present and future. What matters at the end?


Self-help: Though we are asking this question, but in the background of our mysterious mystical head, there is a voice whispering the same question with another tone:

 Memories, moments and dreams. What matters now?

If the past hurts, so does the future. Both hurt, because they can neither be altered nor created respectively. That is why it is important to see the life from a different perspective.

Have you ever thought why everything hurts?

“Because we allow it.” But, that’s not the conclusion.

Allowing is essential — As it would help us to experience the transformation. Accepting is the sign of strength that yield perception.

They say- “Ignorance is a bliss.” Although it is convincing, up to some extent. However, as per my understanding: “Awareness is life.” And the aim of life is to experience everything with conscious choices. I believe it is the wiser way of reflecting to our existence.

Everything seems right in certain way, but we need to choose the one that creates common sense.

That said, as life is unpredictable, in some cases we don’t have the opportunity to choose. Everything happens as it supposed to be. Therefore, in those circumstances we need to understand that, being hurt is just a choice but also the way of life.

Being hurt is not just a choice but also the way of life.

Everything that hurts us has a significant connection with us.

It hurts because we care; it pains because we value; and we suffer as it is the crucial journey of life.
Nonetheless, pain, suffering, fears, insecurities and every negative energy makes us to realize the subtle vibrations of nature.

When we become sensitive towards life, we start to understand, aware, respect, and reason every event with a clarity. And respond wisely with no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. As we realize the essence of life’s sensitive side.


How to survive from the uncertainties of life?

The answer lies in your thoughts.

“Once, if you truly understand the actual philosophy of life, then you would realize and wonder, how small a universe is!”

“Life is as simple as we breathe to live.” — In order to live, we need to survive. To survive, we need to breathe. To breathe, we have to make use of our instincts.

If we truly in awareness with ourselves, instincts are the answers to the most of our problems in life. And intuition is the guide to our unrealized instincts.


How to develop that self-awareness?

Though, the journey to the self-awareness is a lifelong process — The simple solution, rests in the words you speak to yourself. It lies in your silence. It sleeps in your stillness. It begins to awake from the moment you choose to be yourself.

However, as simple as it echoes, it requires practice, effort and war with oneself. – A Non-violence war and a peaceful war.

We need to rise our standards by developing the empathetic skills towards each other.

In such a way the connection of our existence attain the stage of transparency. Where everyone’s speech and actions begin to flow parallel on the similar wave.

The simple solution rests in the words you speak to yourself.

The simple way to deal with the life’s hardships is by thinking life is a beautiful journey where everything has its own essence.

Each thing makes sense, when we are not consumed by the depth of its uncertainties and space of their complexity. But, learn to realize the repercussion of our actions and back off at the necessary time in order to save ourselves from its undefined abyss.

In order to survive from the most unexpected episodes of our life, it is essential to adapt abstract thinking to see life from every angle and understand the actuality in it.

As such-

  • The pain of the past cannot be altered but can be mastered.
  • The fear of the future cannot be ignored, but has to be encountered.
  • We cannot change the past as it was passed, and we cannot create the future as it will be always in the future.
  • We can’t be hurt by the things that we have no longer power to control.

Instead, it’s more important to realize that Memories of the past and the visions of the future are the destinies in the present.

Memories of the past and the visions of the future are the destinies in the present.

Focus on the moment irrespective of the trail then soon there comes a time, we perceive that every breath is a destiny and rest is just an illusion. Irrespective of the time, that’s what matters: “Realization.”

“Simply, life is all about realization. Organizing one’s own thoughts, truly in conscious awareness of his own acts, executing his instincts, learning, evolving and breathe effortlessly to love and be loved.”

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Past, present and future. What matters at the end?

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