The shepherd’s wife and a prince – short story.

The shepherd’s wife and a prince – short story.

She is rare. One in billions. No one is like her. She is perfectly impossible and an unbelievable truth. But, that’s not her beauty.

Her real Beauty lies in simplicity. Her asset is her modesty. She is the heart of every man and woman who dreams of perfection.

Her traits are untraceable and the vision is impeccable. However, the gift of her beauty and treasured mind never turned her wild. Her worldly possessions set her apart from the rest of the women.

She is not just a woman but an absolute symbol of feminine. Not any less than the angel of the heavens and their powers.

Regardless of her majestic features and vulnerable essence, she chose the life of humbleness as if the life itself chose her to be honored by her nobility. She puts herself into every heart of her beloveds and trades with each hardship.

She is simple yet elegant in her every move. She is ridiculously beautiful yet down to earth. To earn the love of this woman, every man on this land go war with the demons and make peace with them.

The shepherd’s wife and a prince.

A short story by

Naveen Bommakanti.

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