Top 10 truths that you need to realize, even good people can be toxic and cannot be trusted.

toxic good people

In the course of our life we come across different kinds of people who possess distinct personalities. Yet, there are different kinds of nice people around us.

We perceive every one of them as per their thoughts, actions and by the level of our own understanding based on various situations and environmental conditions.

 However, we cannot exactly conclude whether these people are completely good or bad. And out of them if we consider, there are some people whose majority of the traits tend towards the virtues of good and the rest will show the properties of toxic.

Unfortunately if you come across these traits in any person, think thrice before attaching to them.

Let’s discover how and why these sorts of good people are more toxic than the rude person.

Few of the traits of toxic good people

#1 They never want to become bad  

#2 They let others to think and feel guilty about themselves

#3 They kill slowly with kindness.

#4 Their thoughts are negative but the actions appears to be positive. 

#5 They will take advantage of others kindness.

#6 They don’t stand for the truth.

#7 They indirectly encourage the wrong deeds by being silent even they have the choice to stop them.

#8 They leave everything to karma instead of taking into action though they are capable.

#9 They save themselves first and won’t be protective for their loved ones.

#10 They manipulate everything they do and think they are smart

All these signs represents cowardice and selfishness. They want to protect themselves by hiding under the layer of goodness.

  The problem with them is that they are not completely bad, but they’re afraid to show their flaws and over think about others thoughts. They either consume the entire pain to keep themselves feel good. For the results of their decisions or allow others to be bad, but they never accept they did something wrong and never stand for others.

What these toxic good people need to do become the ideal right people?

These toxic good people need to understand and realize that being bad is not wrong when something is not going right. They have to bring courage and strength to tell the truth and accept their flaws

It is not always about good and bad but above all it is about the truth and righteousness.

The righteous man among the men is always the best he stands for the truth and take actions to condemn the evil and not afraid to show the stubborn side or bad side and be the man to handle it by himself instead of making others bad by hiding himself in the goodness. Change is must.

Add your more thoughts on this particular opinion.. Waiting to see your words in the comments.

Top 10 truths that you need to realize, even good people can be toxic and cannot be trusted.

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