Understand beauty: How deep is beauty?

Understand beauty: How deep is beauty?

It’s easy to stare at a woman who looks pretty by the appearance of her skin.

It’s rather much easy to praise a man who accomplished wealth and fame of his own.

More than anything it is too formal to appreciate everything that appears perfect from the outside.

By any means the world is after external validation.

It’s easy to choose and judge from the surface without understanding the actual context.

Everything that lacks in understanding also lacks in the audacity of passion, oversight the passion of pain and illustrate the image of ignorance.

Eyes are the most deceptive organs of our biology, when the functionality of the mindset misleads the belief of one’s instincts.

We see and conclude about anything by the moment of present. But in between, there is past, there is future, there are timeless truths are hidden. There is a whole life that has been suffering.

It’s always rather better not to just believe and not ever give conclusion to anything. The best way is, to remain in process, learn, organize, and advance. That is the only way to realization. The mastery of the judgement earned only with the ability to understand sensibly. The art of understanding will be mastered only when we learn to perceive with common sense.

Everything is easy in the world of perfection but to understand is the hardest part.

To understand is equal to realize the depth of beauty and the depth of the beauty is as deep as your ability to understand.

By your passion towards life, once you were touched by the beauty of one’s soul, everything you touch becomes beautiful. Then the appearance of the world matters no more. That is the aim of life’s teaching,

Eventually, what we need to understand is that, each one of us carry our own storms in each other. That should be exchanged with one another to experience the similar pain and commonality of life to feel the connection as a unity and that is only possible with love, compassion, empathy, understanding, realization and awareness.

Thank you.

Yours author,

Naveen Bommakanti.

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