Keys to understand hearts of the world.


It’s not that difficult to understand hearts of the world. All it takes to get there is your ability to love.

Are you ready to give everything without questioning your instincts?

Are you willing to sacrifice your life without sacrificing the essence you earned in it?

To understand is to love. When you love, you give. When you learn to give, then there is no such question of a doubt in the abundance.

Commit to yourself that love is only just giving. At the right timing, you will be surprised by the power it created in its background.

Sometimes two people can destroy their complete souls and the hearts into unrecognizable pieces, if they lack in understanding.

Misunderstanding is the sign of no absolute feelings. When one lacks in emotions, there is no place for connection.

Attachment fuels one’s love and drive their hearts through any hardships and bring meaning to the intimacy of their affection.

The one secret for a beautiful relationship is- Understanding. “Their souls speak similar language irrespective of what their bodies experience.”

Understanding is the key to explore the depths of mysterious mind.

Those who truly understand each other, read their thoughts, intentions and actions period

The one common thing about the hearts of the understanding is the empathy towards everything.

When we empathize the feelings and life of everyone, there will be no such ignorance of hurting and no promotion for hatred.

When we understand, we will be understood. If not by everyone but by the ones who are familiar to our souls.

In order to understand and to be understood, at first we need learn to love and true to ourselves.

By being true to our actions, we not just develop the character and earn respect for our personality. But also we inspire others to reflect on our thoughts and change their perspectives on life for better.

 This way we create a transparent bond that hold the power of love and that can only be evolved as time grows.

Be more sensitive to the events, but strong enough to withstand the consequences. The more we become sensitive to the life, We experience our each breath with greater purpose by purifying our souls.

It’s not the difficult to understand the hearts of the world, after all each one of our hearts are beating for someone who is equal to ourselves.

Focus on understanding. Take care of each other. Never give up on one another. Never hurt anyone. Be kind. Be cozy. Let’s love and breathe to inspire.

Yours author,

Naveen Bommakanti.

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Keys to understand hearts of the world.

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