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Naveen Bommakanti

About Breathe to inspire

Gracias my precious soul, Greetings to you.

If you are not aware, I am Naveen Bommakanti founder of Breathe to inspire. Since I realized the truth I have been on a quest for those who are in search for their own truths and gifts, to realize their destiny and in the path to succeed in life.

I have been longing to discover the treasure hidden in the passage of those unlocked dreams, in the eyes of the unspoken lives, in the faith of the beautiful shattered hearts in spite of the fact that a person never really realized the greatest potential of one’s soul because of one’s own ignorance.

Fortunately the World Wide Web made our pursuit to find each other a lot easier. Finally, I am grateful, you reached home, and I am happy we are connected. Hopefully our bond would last long for this life

There are no lies here, let’s speak only truths, no secrets, open your heart, mind and everything to create your own. There are no rules in this life unless you are not in your senses. Alas! This world  is getting off the track, that’s why there are countless rules and breaks. Let’s practice life here, a true life, a profound one.

Are you ready?

Before diving deep into life, at first, let’s be intimate with our thoughts. Concentrate on my words, be in contact with your senses, focus on your breathing, empty your mind, and stop thinking, thinking about how to earn money and the current status of your relationships. Don’t worry, we discuss them in distant future. For now, just clean your soul, be still and remove all the heaviness that you have been carrying over the decades.

Are you with me?

If you desired to learn anything in life to achieve it to the utmost, remember at first you need to empty your cup. You value it when you are in complete awareness from the scratch, even if you detach with it from any external forces, you will know the path to continue…

What is this site about?

In this site I try to focus on all the concepts that create a meaning and bring all the necessary ideas that would enhance one’s life, most importantly which help to develop a great sense of satisfaction in you. That is what the world needs right now.

Life is steps, one step each time, majority of the world without knowing themselves leading a miserable life in search of the things which they are not. Do you know why a lot of people fail in their life utterly? It’s simple, they ignore and forget the basics. From now, we focus on everything that matters and resolve every layer with absolute cognizance

want to know more about me?

In single sentence to describe about myself, I am a person who follows only my intuition. Once in a while I love to go bottom and disappear and lose all the connections, limit communication to live alone to just feel a lot and gather the new energies from the nature. Once I fully recharged my life then my functionalities have no bounds to explore the imagination.

I don’t read a lot, I prefer to write by processing information from the surroundings, however recently practiced exploring books which add power to my mind, if I truly love in future I may suggest few books to you that will help you to upgrade your life.

 I just concentrate on my inner voice and listen to each one of my thoughts, I never ignore any single detail because every thought creates many meaningful possibilities. So, it’s very difficult  to be in complete consciousness.

 I understand how the life works, so I don’t take anything serious, most importantly I know almost about myself so no external circumstances influence me other than the nature I allow seeking.  Because it never failed me and never failed anyone who sought my help… and that’s a fortune, my mind is my asset I have learned to channelize and mastered to control everything that distracts and achieved a solitary life. I am proud of myself that I found my path. That’s why breathe to inspire is here to help you.

My Birthplace.

I live in India, Telangana, Karimnagar. A beautiful place to live a peaceful life because it has home with my mom and dad.

GRADUATION (July 2019):

I am a computer Science graduate from Lovely Professional University, Punjab, Jalandhar, India.  I am not a big fan of educational system although like most individuals in the pursuit of job and a well settled life I too chose a career option that I was interested in, at that particular time, I am very passionate and curious of the technology. So, my major subjects in my B. Tech are artificial intelligence and robotics. However, once I realized the full potential of my mind Soon I started ignoring the things that never really mattered to me and followed my own heart.


It is bit complicated I will be happy to share if time permits. Yet I will tell you one thing, “Life is all about encounters and separations and love has a special place in it, women come and go but one woman changes everything the way you look at this world, that will change you forever, and she will become the owner of your heart if you don’t give up on pursuing her and if she values you the same.

If you are lucky enough to get your ideal true love, you both will have a happy life ending.”

Note : We meet a lot of strangers, out of them a very few wins our hearts, those who are  very similar to our soul, our values and aspirations, we learn a lot from them, overtime a part of ours become them, they become us. But for one thing we should always be grateful, they help us to grow in ways that we never know and turn us into who we are meant to be. So, appreciate life and keep loving.

What I am passionate about?

I am a science lover

I love astronomy, always been curious and much passionate about the universe. Often I go through the documentaries to understand the space and related material.

I love writing and drawing.

I am working on poetry book, short stories and my debut novel. Will update you soon.

You can go through my quotes, pictures and drawings here.

Are you a movie lover?

Cheers and High five then, I love from science fiction to literature to psychological stuff, I am a lover of everything amigo. Because in every field you get something new to learn.. I love learning and exploring in every possible way when it comes to minds.

My keys to life are very fundamental, powerful in its supremacy and highest freedoms of all they are compassionate empathy, wisdom and imagination.

My tips and suggestions to you.

Apply, if you find them helpful.

Be original, don’t mimic, don’t imitate and don’t copy. Just be you. Don’t try to waste the time of your life by doing something you are not, take time, learn to create. Be original my beautiful friend. Be Unique.

Simply, life is all about realization. Organizing one’s own thoughts, truly in conscious awareness of his own acts, executing his instincts, learning, evolving and breathing effortlessly to love and be loved.

Whatever you do, just love the processes in it, embrace them and always tend to choose the long ways to do things because in middle of them you encounter countless short paths and infinite ideas that would result in creating masterpieces in your every work.

For more suggestions, life hacks and quotes you can follow here and here.

From now on I am here for you. You can ask me whatever comes to your mind. I will try to simplify in my way and make it easy for you to digest it.

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