Psychological facts about thinking of someone (Research-based)

Psychological facts about thinking of someone Thinking about another’s perspective does not enhance our capacity to judge how another person thinks or feels. A study found no evidence that the cognitive effort of imagining oneself in another person’s shoes, studied so widely in the psychological literature, increases a person’s ability to accurately understand another’s mind. […]

How to know when to leave a relationship? (complete guide with 25 signs and questions to help you decide)

Does your relationship have run its course? Are you unhappy with your romantic partner? Should you end it? Can you save the relationship? If not when is it time to leave a long-term relationship? And exactly how to know when to leave a relationship? Some experts believe that relationships are akin to business partnerships and […]

How to get the strength to leave someone you love? (16 steps to break up with someone you love)

The biggest obstacle to breaking up with someone you love is the fear of losing them, breaking their heart or hurting them, or losing their complete trust in you, which will eventually lead to misunderstanding, resentment, and hatred. Every breakup or divorce begins with it. The fear of being alone, of doing something that will […]

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