Psychological facts about thinking of someone (Research-based)

Psychological facts about thinking of someone Thinking about another’s perspective does not enhance our capacity to judge how another person thinks or feels. A study found no evidence that the cognitive effort of imagining oneself in another person’s shoes, studied so widely in the psychological literature, increases a person’s ability to accurately understand another’s mind. […]

10 Psychological reasons behind why you can’t stop thinking about someone.

We all have our own collection of life experiences and memories that helped shape us. Sometimes, these experiences and memories are so ingrained in our minds that they cause a flashback or strong, emotional response. They could be positive experiences, such as graduating from college or getting married. Or they could be negative experiences, such […]

13 Psychological facts about soulmates (Research-based)

Psychological facts about soulmates The concept of soulmates is very subjective. Most of the time, we try to convince ourselves that soulmates exist and look for scientific and well-researched psychological facts about soulmates. Occasionally, we seek other people’s opinions to validate our personal beliefs about soulmates. But sometimes we also get to a point when […]

What is it called when you care too much about what others think?(10 tips on how to not care what people think)

Are you obsessed with what others think of you?  If caring too much about what people think of you makes you worry then there are possible reasons for that. For instance, it is either due to your higher self-consciousness or your highly sensitive nature, low self-esteem, insecurities, self-doubt and lack of self-confidence and these are […]

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