To Succeed in life, It's a matter of mindset.

Hola amigo! I am Naveen Bommakanti here to inspire you. To succeed in life you need to create meaning and master madness. Get ready, let's drive the world in peace.

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I am a loner with sociable personality. A writer, an artist, I inspire passionate people to master the minds to succeed in life by sharing my perspectives and ideas.

I write inspiring stories, life quotes and love quotes that make you to think and inspire you to act. Also I give the life hacks and tips to make your life easy.

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There is no greater purpose than being kind to one another. Unfortunately, I addressed it as a purpose since the ignorance of the world blocked them to realize that kindness is very fundamental as of human rituals.

I initiated the Breathe To Inspire in the aim to inspire the world with my ideas. To spread love, kindness and wisdom with all my heart. Most importantly to bring fresh hope, a new beginning and create more space in their lives.

Overtime, they created a great sense of wonder and amazement. Moreover, my thoughts have become the roots of people thoughts, they made them think, realize their ignorance and find their unique set of gifts. Therefore, they inspired me to CONTINUE…

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