What is life?


What is life?

This moment I say: “Be.”

What is life meaning?

My intuition says: “I do not know, yet.” But the meaning of life depends on one’s core values. As per values, life is all about “TRUTH.”

Can you define life?

Yes, I can. And I will try to define as per my understanding: My definition of life is – “The status of the existence is called life.”

What is the philosophy of life?

“Out of all the essential aspects, the moral philosophy of life is to ‘Breathe.'”


If you ask me again what is life?

Sometimes I think life is:


When I said coincidence, It is not what you thought. But, the way I perceived, understood and realized it with my senses and injected into my nervous system. It is the way I experienced. The way I created it with my nescience and discovered with my cognizance. 

The way I nurture it with every parcel of my being as the way I am and the path I choose to evolve in each tick of time.  

When Neil Degrasse Tyson says it, he means it in a different pattern.

When Paulo Coelho says, the purpose of it varies.

When Seth Godin says, It attains his shape.

When Eckhart Tolle says, it creates a unique vibration.

When Sadguru says, it experiences another dimension.


Every word alters its meaning for every man who utters it. No one sees it, the way it is. As it is the length of one’s awareness and communication with oneself and along with it.

Every word alters its meaning for every man who utters it.

Naveen Bommakanti.

Perhaps, the core idea of it is same for all. But, the difference is, in the way each one’s level of connection with it. When you exactly in sync with life only then you mean it the way it is. 

Otherwise, It is what you feel but cannot express. It is what you think but cannot confirm. We all know it inside, because we are life itself. But the moment you define it out, it becomes you. Not itself.

Therefore, what is life? as long as we are not aware of it as the way it is. Simply, life is life.

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What is life?

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