Life is beautiful.


Life is beautiful. Therefore, I loved, loved and loved. I loved the strangers whoever crossed my path. I loved the lovers of my similar heart. I loved the children whose dreams are much bigger than their memories. I loved the elders who were tired of this life. I loved everything irrespective of its creed.

I loved when I was not aware of anything about life. I loved for no reason, because the way of life is to love. I didn’t realize it then. Yet, I loved with all my instincts without any aptitude.

When my dear sweet mother, effortlessly cared me all my life. I loved.

As my inspiring father put all his efforts and struggled his entire life to protect our family. I loved.

I loved the little fights with my beautiful sister.

I loved the support of my beloved brother who showed that I am not alone.

I loved friendship and the value hidden in it.

I loved when the world is around me and I loved when I am lonely too.

The most beautiful part of my life is, when the love of my life approached me and said, “I love you.” I loved her innocence, gentleness, kindness, brilliance, wisdom and beauty. I loved our mutual understanding. I loved our connection and authenticity. The way we loved each other made me to love more and more.

I loved the smell of the earth. I loved the smile of the flowers and the majestic animals who fed on its nature.

I loved the birds and fancied to fly along with them.

I loved the dark Oceans and the brotherhood of its seas, rivers and bewitched by their aquatic echos.

The ancient mountains and their centuries old wisdom. The stars, galaxies and the mysteries of the cosmos

I loved to dream and be the part of miracles.

I was inspired by this very existence and the heavenly creation that evoked my imagination.

I lived the past, I witnessed the future. I experienced every moment of this life far beyond my age.

I dwelt in my mind. I dwelt in the hearts of others but never abandoned the voice of my spirit. The evolution of my soul is the message for life. I dreamed of love that chooses to stay in million, billion, trillion ways.

Now what I have learned is, to be loved is as important as to love. I see everything has its own essence but love is the root and medicine for all.

No matter in what trial my choices of life put me in, I chose to love. To win the love of this world, I have learned to love myself.

Sometimes I feel love is not everything, even though I loved. Not everyone will understand the beauty of this sensible asset.

Prepare yourself for loneliness, because at the top everything is peaceful, only few will fight for your love and nothing remains.

No one will understand you and see you the way you know yourself. In those times of suffering, lead yourself to your love.

Find one source in yourself that keeps you alive when you don’t have any reasons to live. Remind yourself. This life is about yourself. This life is all about how you mastered your mind to outreach all the hardships.

“Simply this life is all about realization. Organizing one’s own thoughts, truly in conscious awareness of his own acts, executing his instincts, learning, evolving and breathe effortlessly to love and be loved.”

There are times, where life gets really hard. Never be consumed by the evil possessions.

Recognize one’s love, pure intention. Sometimes the love you are searching for, comes in the search of you. Observe, talk, read the mind, understand the heart but mainly connect with the soul.

Choose the person who chose you. Once you realize the love of your life, don’t trade your precious mate for any difficulties. Communicate and open in the hour of grief. Because everything is the part of the whole purpose. Help to heal before its broken. When it’s too late you will give up on life and everything begins to fade.

Remember! “Love is only for those who knows the essence of life.” My friend there is no greater thing than love, however if you force me to be precise I will tell, “Life itself is love. Therefore, live.”

Live efficiently. Live strongly. Live together. Together is better. No matter what the past, present and future might be! Life is beautiful. So, do not waste your time in negative energies. Love one another. Take care of each other. Live with love, peace and harmony. Breathe to inspire and live in the history for the rest of the generations. Good Luck.

For all the great things in your life, be grateful to your patience.

Yours author,
Naveen Bommakanti.

Life is beautiful.

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