Love quotes for him

Love quotes for him

Last updated on February 7th, 2021 at 09:11 pm

Romantic love quotes for him as Valentines Day gifts– An Ideal woman knows how to make her man her own in every instant she breathes. She takes every opportunity as a chance to grow her love stronger than ever.  She knows the struggles of fate accepted by her man to keep their love safe and financially well. 

A caring girlfriend or wife is ideally beautiful in expressing her honest love with her beloved. She seeks a deep connection, true meaning and lifetime bond which brings great honor to their love. 

A beautiful relationship always advances the journey of their love by expressing their care, love, gratitude, respect towards each other. Especially the tender-hearted cutey woman waits for every special event and excites to showcase her creativity with the love of her dreams. 

Romantic Love Quotes for him

To all the cute and romantic ladies who are in search of something different. And some uniqueness for this Valentine’s Day to make your lover’s day memorable by writing love quotes for him. No need to worry, I have taken all the time in the world to make it easy for you.

I personally wrote a list of heartwarming love quotes for him with my mind, penning down by feeling the emotions of every romantic lover.

 Take time to read and choose the best among them to gift him as DIY love quotes. Every genuine man loves to hear when a girlfriend takes time to whisper these love quotes for him in his ears. 

You will never die because the time has no choice when I am loving you.

you will never die love quotes naveen bommakanti

The true inspiration behind my life is the amount of love I hold in my heart for you.


  I would either choose to die or love you all my life.


There is no life to my future, if there is no ‘you’ in my presence.

romantic love quotes

When everything fades, my heart bleeds roses for you.

true love quotes for him

The state of your soul is always expressed in the reflection of my eyes. Therefore, never try to hide your pain, my love.

the state of your soul

If the entire world seeking for true love, our pair would be next to the fairy tale.

if the entire world

 I wish my thoughts would be your dreams

i wish my thoughts-love-quotes-naveen-bommakanti

Even if the whole world turns into a beautiful heaven, I would still choose to be in the comfort of your chest.

even if the world-love-quotes-naveen-bommakanti

I only have two dreams, One is to fly the other is away with you.

I have only two dreams-love-quotes-naveen-bommakanti

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I would be all alone with myself if God has failed to create you.


The mysteries of my heart are unveiled with your first sight.

the secrets of my heart

You are the only truth I seek, when words bade their silence.

deep love quotes for her

 I adore the journey of your smile, as you cherish the life of my eyes. With the same flow, let us fall, rise, love and live.

i adore the journey-love-quotes

I have no time to live other than embracing the love of your heart and enchanting the music of your soul. So, let me die in the thoughts of my own.

fancy love quotes

The destinies are real. And I won’t believe in one if there is never you in the path of my fate.

the destinies are real love quotes naveen bommakanti Love quotes for him

 Even if the faith lost its faith, I have the way with my love to bring, our pieces into its peace.

peace and love quotes

You are a lover,

I am a lover,

Let us both, better create a rhythm.

deep love quotes for him

Sunrises lost their origins,

Sunsets betrayed their endings,

But you and I are yet evolving at these horizons.

heart touching love quotes

You and I are stronger than the thousand splendid suns

you and I stronger-love-quotes-naveen-bommakanti

Let’s forget the life, fly into the love of other worlds and romance in the world of my own until the sun finds its home.

let's forget the life-love-quotes-naveen-bommakanti

Hope you loved my thoughts on true and deep love.

Mention your favorite romantic love quotes in the comment section and share with your beloved to make them feel special.

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