Be A Being – A mystical melody By Naveen Bommakanti


Try to be very serious to every event that happens to you. Perhaps you will notice that, even the smallest changes around you, make you upset. The reason for such result is the sensitivity of the heart

Try to be so easy and ignore everything that do not concern your personality. Perhaps you will perceive that, you are missing the most important part of this moment. The motive of such outcome is the reflection of your own understanding.

Try to be thoughtful regards to the awareness and ignorance with a broader perspective. Perhaps you will grow into a belief system where even the slightest signs start making sense to you. The hustle of such evolution is the consciousness to its extremes.

However you be, be a being, be still, be free, better to be breathing. Move along with the moment, go where the life takes, rise into heaven, fall into pieces, dig the dirt, mount the everest, float on the waves of the seas that carry the mysteries of the verses. Be the depths and the medium of sorcery.

Be the source of everything that creates meaning. Flow like a river, smile like a flower, fly like an eagle, roar like a lion, but when the time comes hold for a moment, cease the breathing and be a human. Be on earth, stick to your grounds and resurrect.

In such moments of realization know your worth. Therefore, you will be understood. It’s not that life that guides you but you who weaves the thoughts of this existence and metamorphose them into yours. But, until then suffer.

Yours author.

Naveen Bommakanti.

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Be A Being – A mystical melody By Naveen Bommakanti

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