Freaky 21 questions game (5 SETS) dirty edition

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If you are at a party or hanging around with your friends and want to have some fun, try playing the Freaky 21 Questions game. This game is a lot of fun and can be played with anyone but not with kids. This game is only for adults. So, if you are looking for a party game then this is the right one for you.


What is 21 questions game freaky?


The Freaky 21 questions game is a conversation game where players are given a set of questions and are asked to answer them.

The game is often billed as being freaky because of the suggestive and often sexual content of the questions.

The game is often played as a drinking game; truth or dare game or any other card game that can be played in parties.

How to play freaky 21 questions game?

In order to play this 21 questions freaky game, there is one important thing that you need to keep in mind.

The game is not meant to be taken too seriously. So, if you want to have a lot of fun playing it, be free to share your mind with everyone.

The game can be played with any number of people, and it can be played in any setting. 

The game can be played by both men and women, and it is perfect for any type of party. 

The game is simple to play. All you need to do is to gather a group of people, and then you can start playing.  To make it more engaging, fun and spicy, you can add some of your own personal touches to it.


The game can be played in different ways, but the most common way to play it is to have a group of people sit in a circle, and then each player is given a set of questions.

The game is played by asking each player a question, and then the player who asked the question is allowed to answer it.

If a player is unable to answer the question, then the next player is allowed to answer it.

If a player cannot answer the question, then they must take a drink, or perform a dare or do whatever rules you have made in the beginning of the game.

In this article you will find 5 SETS of Freaky 21 questions for different versions of game editions. You can use all these sets of questions in any situation. The only goal is to make it yourself and have fun.

SET 1:

Freaky 21 questions game


Here is the 21 freaky questions game dirty edition:

1. If someone cuts your private parts during s#x without your consent, is that considered r#pe?

2. What if you found out your partner was secretly videotaping you while you were having s#x? Would you feel violated?

3.  Have you ever fantasized about having s#x with a animal?

4. Would you ever consider having s#x with a corpse?

5. When you defecate, do you enjoy the feeling of your feces sliding out of your body?

6. Urine play: Does the thought of drinking or being showered in urine turn you on?

7. If there is an incestuous relationship between consenting adults, do you think that is morally wrong?

8. Do you like the idea of being watched while you have s#x?

9. What if your partner wanted to have s#x with someone else in front of you, would you be okay with that?

10. If fetish play is something that interests you, what specific fetishes do you find appealing?

11. If someone naked was walking down the street, would you stare?

12. What is the most offensive thing that someone could say to you during s#x?

13. What are your thoughts on r#pe fantasies?

14. If nudes or s#x tapes of celebrities are for sale, Would you like to buy them?

15. When your pervert friends ask you for nude pictures of your girlfriend/wife/sister, what do you do?

16. While you are ejaculating, would you like to be called degrading names?

17.  When you watch erotic videos, do you prefer that the participants be of the same race as you?

18. If adult movies were more mainstream, would you watch them with your partner?

19.  Do horny, naked people ever just pop into your head uninvited?

20. If you could have any type of s#xual encounter with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

21. Whenever your boyfriend inserts his penis into your vagina, do you think about all the other penises that you have experienced inside you?

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SET 2:

Freaky 21 questions game friends


Here is a list of 21 questions game freaky friends edition:

1. If s#x toys were more mainstream, would you use them?

2. Do you think that people who engage in bestiality are perverted?

3. If a close friend or family member confided in you that they were s#xually attracted to children, what would you do?

4. Do you think that people who engage in necrophilia are mentally ill?

5. How long does your dick becomes, when you are s#xually aroused?

6. Does erectile dysfunction run in your family?

7. What was the last STD test that you had? When was it?

8. How many s#xual partners have you had in your lifetime?

9. Do you have any fetishes or kinks? What are they?

10. What is the most taboo thing that you have ever done s#xually?

11. How do you feel about ch#ldren p#rn?

12. If you can’t control your s#xual urges, do you think that you should be institutionalized?

13. Have you ever been attracted to someone much younger or older than you? If so, who are they?

14. Do you find the thought of being urinated on or urinating on someone else s#xually exciting?

15. Do you like the feeling of vomit on your skin?

16. Would you ever consider eating feces?

17. Have you ever been attracted to someone with a physical deformity?

18. Do you find the idea of being covered in boobs or dicks s#xually arousing?

19. How often do you like to pick your nose and eat it?

20. Do you find the idea of having s#x in public places exciting?

21. Do you like the idea of being photographed or videotaped while having s#x?

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SET 3:

Relationship freaky 21 questions game


This is a relationship freaky 21 questions game for couples:

1. If a prostitute seduces you to make out with you, is it still considered that you are cheating on me?

2. What are some things you can do to make your partner feel more s#xually aroused?

3. What are some of your turn-ons?

4. What are some of your turn-offs?

5. What s#xual games should we play together?

6. If you got drunk and I took advantage of you, would you be mad at me?

7. What is something you’ve always wanted to try s#xually but haven’t yet?

8.  While you are fake moaning during s#x, what are you actually thinking about?

9. What are some nasty things you would do to me if we were in a relationship?

10. Have you ever got caught while mast#rbating? If so, what happened?

11.  When you were in school, did you ever get detention for s#xual misconduct? What happened?

12.  What would you do if I sent you a dirty picture of me?

13. What would you do if I woke you up in the middle of the night for a quickie?

14. What would you do if I bought you lingerie or s#x toy?

15. What would you do if I surprised you with tickets to a strip club?

16. How would you explain to our kids if they caught us having s#x?

17. What would you do if I wanted to tie you up and have my way with you?

18. Are you submissive or dominant in bed?

19. What’s the kinkiest thing you’re into?

20. Tell me a story about one of your s#xual adventures.

21. Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?

SET 4:

21 questions freaky edition Instagram


You can use this list of 21 questions freaky edition for instagram and any other social media apps. You can post them in feed or in stories to engage with your audience:

If you found out your child was viewing p#rn, how would you react?

2.  Have you ever got turned on while s#xting?

3. What is the most erotic thing you have ever experienced?

4. What would you do differently to s#xually satisfy yourself when no one is around?

5. What is the wildest s#xual fantasy you have ever had?

6. What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered that your genitals had disappeared?

7. What is the most unusual place you have ever had s#x?

8. Have you ever paid to a homeless person to make out with you?

9. Would you ever consider having s#x with a robot?

10. What are your thoughts on 69 position?

11. What turns you on more than anything else?

12. Do you like to be teased by the same gender of yours?

13. Where would you like to be kissed and touched gently by my tongue? 

14. Does clitoral erection make you weak and help you surrender yourself completely?

15.  How do you like your nipples to be touched? 

16. What is your favorite position for intercourse? 

17.  If boobs of a certain size turn you on, what size do you prefer?

18. When ejaculating, do you like it when I hold you tightly or let you go?

19. What is your favorite way to have your nipples stimulated?

20. Would your s#x drive be higher if I went down on you more often?

21. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try in bed but haven’t?

SET 5:

Version 21 questions game freaky


Here is list of Version 21 questions game freaky edition:

1. Do you find the thought of being humiliated or degraded s#xually arousing?

2. Do you find the idea of being hurt or causing pain during s#x exciting?

3. Do you like the idea of incorporating food into s#x play?

4. Do you find the idea of having s#x with a celebrity exciting?

5. Would you allow your partner to have s#x with their ex if they consented?

6. What if your partner wanted to engage in bestiality, would you be okay with that?

7. Do you have any unusual or extreme s#xual fantasies?

8. What is the most extreme or kinky thing you have ever done s#xually?

9. Can you think of anything that would make you not want to have s#x with someone?

10. What are your thoughts on polygamy or polyamory?

11. Would you ever consider having an open relationship?

12. What are your thoughts on swinging?

13. What are your thoughts on BDSM?

14. What are your thoughts on s#x with robots?

15. What are your thoughts on necrophilia?

16. When p#rn is created, do you think the performers are always completely consensual with what is happening?

17. Do you think that non-consensual s#x in p#rn is morally wrong?

18. Do you think that there is a difference between art and p#rn?

19. Do gays and lesbians have a right to get married?

20. If a close friend or family member came out to you as transgender, how would you react?

21. What are your thoughts on prostitution?

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