600+ Halloween topics to talk about and ideas for your holiday inspiration

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By: Naveen B

Halloween, the one-of-a-kind celebration that stirs up excitement like no other!

It’s never too early to get into the spooky spirit, and we’ve got just the thing to kickstart your Halloween preparations.

Brace yourselves for a captivating collection of over 600 Halloween topics and ideas for adults and kids that are bound to ignite your Halloween spirit.

Whether you’re planning fun discussions with friends, organizing thrilling Halloween activities, or simply seeking inspiration for your costumes or next piece of writing, we’ve got you covered. 

From funny and lighthearted ideas to spine-tingling, bone-chilling concepts, we’ve got something for every Halloween enthusiast.

So, why not get a head start on your preparations? Dive into our treasure trove of Halloween inspiration and ensure your celebration is nothing short of magical! ??

Table Of Contents
  1. 600+ Halloween topics and ideas
  2. Best Halloween ideas and topics
  3. Halloween topics to talk about
  4. Halloween topic ideas
  5. Funny Halloween topics

600+ Halloween topics and ideas

The following is a list of Halloween topics and ideas for discussions, Halloween activities and to write about:

1. Costume Ideas

Some Halloween costume ideas related topics include:

  • Retro Video Game Characters
  • Historical Figures with a Spooky Twist
  • Mythological Creatures from Around the World
  • Classic Monsters in a Modern Setting
  • Iconic Movie Duos with a Halloween Twist
  • Food-Inspired Costumes (e.g., Pizza Slice, Sushi Roll)
  • Famous Artwork Come to Life
  • DIY Optical Illusion Costumes
  • Sci-Fi Steampunk Mashup
  • Underwater Fantasy Creatures

2. Pumpkin Decorations

Some Halloween pumpkin decorations-related topics include:

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Painted Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Dioramas with Miniature Scenes
  • Pumpkin Topiaries
  • Succulent-Filled Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Carving Stencils of Famous Faces
  • Pumpkin Lanterns with LED Lights
  • Marbled Painted Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Decorating with Mosaic Patterns
  • Pumpkin Animal Sculptures
  • Pumpkin Totem Poles

3. Ghostly Tales

Here is a list of Ghostly tales related topics include:

  • Urban Legends and Hauntings in Your Area
  • Personal Encounters with the Supernatural
  • Unexplained Phenomena on Halloween Night
  • Haunted Houses: Real or Fictional?
  • Folklore and Ghost Stories from Different Cultures
  • Historical Ghosts and Their Stories
  • Ghostly Photographs and Eerie Audio Recordings
  • Investigating Paranormal Activity
  • Famous Paranormal Investigators
  • Ghostly Pets and Animal Spirits

4. Halloween Recipes

Some Halloween recipes related topics include:

  • Creepy Cocktail Concoctions
  • Spooky Appetizers and Finger Foods
  • Sinisterly Sweet Desserts
  • Witch’s Brews and Potions
  • Haunted House Gingerbread Cookies
  • Monster-Themed Pizza
  • Eyeball Cake Pops
  • Brain-Shaped Jello Shots
  • Poisoned Apple Cider
  • Mummy Meatloaf

5. Haunted Attractions

List of Some haunted Halloween attractions related topics include:

  • The World’s Scariest Haunted Houses
  • Extreme Haunted Experiences
  • Virtual Reality Horror Games
  • Haunted Hayrides and Corn Mazes
  • Zombie Paintball Hunts
  • Interactive Haunted Theaters
  • Ghost Tours in Historic Locations
  • Haunted Theme Parks
  • Haunting Escape Rooms
  • Haunted Ship Tours

6. Halloween Music and Playlists

Some Halloween music and playlists ideas and topics include:

  • Classic Halloween Songs
  • Spooky Soundtracks from Movies and TV Shows
  • Halloween-Themed Dance Music
  • Dark Ambient Music for Atmosphere
  • Covers of Popular Songs with a Halloween Twist
  • Iconic Music Videos with Halloween Themes
  • Original Halloween Music Compositions
  • Halloween Music for Kids
  • Indie Halloween Tracks
  • International Halloween Music

7. DIY Halloween Decor

Some DIY Halloween Decor ideas and related topics include:

  • Spooky Candleholders and Lanterns
  • Floating Witch Hats
  • Creepy Crawly Wreaths
  • Potion Bottle Decorations
  • Gothic Table Centerpieces
  • Haunted Mirror Illusions
  • Bat-Filled Chandeliers
  • Spellbook Crafts
  • Potion Cauldron Planters
  • Witch’s Broomstick Decor

8. Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips

Some Trick or treat safety tips elated topics include:

  • Neighborhood Trick-or-Treat Etiquette
  • Creative Candy Alternatives
  • Allergen-Free Treats for Kids
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Costume Accessories
  • Creating a Trick-or-Treat Treasure Map
  • Pumpkin-Painting Parties for Kids
  • Teal Pumpkin Project
  • Halloween Safety Apps
  • Stranger Danger Talks for Kids
  • Tips for Pet Safety on Halloween

9. International Halloween Traditions

Some International Halloween tradition ideas and related topics include:

  • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  • Samhain Celebrations in Celtic Culture
  • Chinese Ghost Festival (Zhongyuan Jie)
  • Guy Fawkes Night in the UK
  • Obon Festival in Japan
  • Halloween in Australia and New Zealand
  • Indian Halloween Traditions
  • Halloween in Mexico
  • Filipino Halloween Practices
  • Halloween in Transylvania

10. Halloween in Pop Culture

Some Halloween in pop culture ideas and related topics include:

  • Iconic Halloween Episodes in TV Shows
  • Halloween Movie Marathons
  • Famous Halloween-Themed Books
  • Halloween References in Video Games
  • Halloween Fashion Trends
  • Halloween in Advertising
  • Halloween Memes and Internet Culture
  • Halloween-Inspired Art and Tattoos
  • Halloween Comic Books and Graphic Novels

11. Haunted Historical Locations

Some Haunted historical location ideas and related topics include:

  • The Haunting of the Tower of London
  • Ghostly Happenings at the White House
  • The Mystery of the Winchester Mystery House
  • The Ghosts of Alcatraz Island
  • Ancient Egyptian Curses and Mummies
  • The Phantom Ship of Northumberland Strait
  • The Lemp Mansion: A St. Louis Haunting
  • Salem Witch Trials and Ghostly Legends
  • The Ghosts of Gettysburg Battlefield
  • The Haunted Castles of Scotland

12. Folklore and Myths

Some Folklore myth ideas and related topics include:

  • The Legend of La Llorona
  • The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow
  • The Curse of the Hope Diamond
  • The Legend of the Chupacabra
  • Banshees: Irish Harbingers of Death
  • The Jersey Devil: Cryptid of the Pine Barrens
  • The Mythical Krampus: Santa’s Dark Companion
  • The Tale of the Wendigo
  • The Enigmatic Mothman
  • The Curse of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb

13. Superstitions and Omens

Some superstitions and Evil signs ideas and related topics include:

  • Black Cats: Symbols of Luck and Misfortune
  • Friday the 13th: Origins and Superstitions
  • Breaking Mirrors and the Seven Years of Bad Luck
  • Walking Under Ladders: A Portent of Doom
  • The Significance of Owls as Omens
  • Knocking on Wood: Warding Off Bad Luck
  • The Dreaded Number 666: The Mark of the Beast
  • Horseshoes for Protection and Good Luck
  • The Superstitions Surrounding Full Moons
  • The Evil Eye: Protective Charms and Beliefs

14. Halloween Customs Around the World

Here are Some Halloween customs around the world ideas and related topics include:

  • The Origins of Trick-or-Treating
  • Bobbing for Apples: A Traditional Game
  • The Legend of the Jack-o’-Lantern
  • Halloween Bonfires and Fire Festivals
  • The Custom of Divination and Fortune-Telling
  • Soul Cakes and All Souls’ Day Traditions
  • The Night of Masks in Venice
  • Día de los Muertos Altars and Ofrendas
  • The Hungry Ghost Festival in China
  • Honoring the Ancestors in Ghana’s Homowo Festival

15. Real-Life Horror Stories

Some Real-life horror stories ideas and related topics include:

  • The Haunting of the Amityville House
  • The Disappearance of the Mary Celeste
  • The Curse of the Crying Boy Paintings
  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Unsolved Mystery
  • The Mysterious Disappearance of Flight MH370
  • The Ghost Ship SS Ourang Medan
  • The Bermuda Triangle Enigma
  • The Salem Witch Trials: Historical Horror
  • The Strange Case of Elisa Lam
  • The Mystery of the Roanoke Colony

16. Halloween in Literature

Some Halloween in literature ideas and related topics include:

  • Edgar Allan Poe: Master of Gothic Horror
  • Classic Horror Novels from the 19th Century
  • Gothic Literature and Its Influence
  • Halloween-Themed Short Stories
  • Scary Poems and Dark Verses
  • Horror Fiction in Different Cultures
  • Contemporary Horror Literature
  • The Legacy of H.P. Lovecraft
  • Horror Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Horror in Children’s Literature

17. Halloween Rituals and Spells

Some Halloween rituals and spells ideas and related topics include:

  • The History of Witchcraft and Spellcasting
  • Samhain Rituals and Traditions
  • Wiccan Celebrations of the Sabbat
  • Modern Pagan Practices on Halloween
  • Casting Protection Spells on Halloween
  • The Art of Tarot Reading on All Hallows’ Eve
  • Crystal Magick and Halloween Energy
  • The Role of Cauldrons in Witchcraft
  • Spellwork for Love and Prosperity on Halloween
  • Creating a Halloween Altar for Magic

18. Vintage Halloween Collectibles

Some Vintage Halloween collectibles ideas and related topics include:

  • Antique Halloween Postcards
  • Collecting Vintage Halloween Costumes
  • Halloween-themed Sheet Music and Records
  • Vintage Halloween Decorations and Lanterns
  • Early Halloween Candy Containers
  • The History of Halloween Masks
  • Vintage Halloween Party Invitations
  • Collectible Witch-themed Memorabilia
  • Halloween-themed Victorian Jewelry
  • Vintage Halloween Magazine Covers

19. Halloween in Film and Television

Some Halloween in film and television ideas and related topics include:

  • The Evolution of Horror Films
  • Iconic Halloween Movie Villains
  • Halloween Specials in TV Shows
  • Classic Silent Horror Films
  • The Influence of German Expressionism on Horror
  • Cult Horror Movies and Midnight Screenings
  • Horror Documentaries and True Crime Stories
  • The Role of Makeup and Special Effects
  • Horror Film Scores and Soundtracks
  • Horror Shorts and Independent Films

20. Unusual Halloween Traditions

Some unusual Halloween tradition ideas and related topics include:

  • Coffin Races and Festivals
  • The Annual Pumpkin Chucking Championship
  • Extreme Haunted House Challenges
  • Halloween-Themed Escape Rooms
  • The Great Pumpkin Commonwealth and Giant Pumpkins
  • Pumpkin Boat Races and Regattas
  • The World’s Largest Halloween Parades
  • Zombie Walks and Flash Mobs
  • The Art of Extreme Pumpkin Carving
  • Skeleton-Themed Festivals and Competitions

Best Halloween ideas and topics

Here are some more Halloween ideas and topics for your holiday inspiration:

21. Historical Halloween Costumes

Some Historical Halloween costume ideas and related topics include:

  • Fashion Trends from Victorian Halloweens
  • 18th-century Masquerade Balls
  • Roaring Twenties Flapper Costumes
  • Medieval Courtly Attire
  • Renaissance Costume Traditions
  • Ancient Egyptian-Inspired Costumes
  • Viking and Norse Warrior Outfits
  • Colonial America Halloween Dress
  • 1950s Retro Halloween Fashion
  • Aztec and Mayan Costume Influence

22. Origins of Trick-or-Treating

Some facts and origins of trick or treating ideas and related topics include:

  • Ancient Celtic Samhain Traditions
  • Medieval Soul Caking in Britain
  • Early American “Souling” Practices
  • Souling and Guising in Scotland
  • Souling Rhymes and Folklore
  • Trick-or-Treating During World War II
  • Halloween Candy Evolution
  • UNICEF’s Role in Trick-or-Treat for Good
  • Trick-or-Treating’s Global Spread
  • Modern Trick-or-Treat Safety Measures

23. Witch Hunts and Witch Trials

These are Some witch hunts and witch trials ideas and related topics:

  • The Salem Witch Trials: A Dark History
  • European Witch Hunts of the Middle Ages
  • Famous Witch Trials Around the World
  • Accusations, Torture, and Confessions
  • The Role of Witch Hunts in Society
  • Historical Figures Accused of Witchcraft
  • The Malleus Maleficarum: A Witch-Hunting Manual
  • The End of Witch Hunts and Trials
  • Modern Perspectives on Witch Hunts
  • The Influence of Witch Trials in Literature

24. Halloween and the Day of the Dead

Some Halloween and the day of the dead ideas and related topics include:

  • Dia de los Muertos Origins and History
  • Aztec and Spanish Influences on the Holiday
  • Ofrendas (Altars) and Their Significance
  • Sugar Skulls: Calaveras de Azúcar
  • Marigolds: The Flower of the Dead
  • The Role of La Catrina in Dia de los Muertos
  • Dia de los Muertos Traditions in Mexico
  • Dia de los Muertos Around the World
  • Combining Halloween and Dia de los Muertos
  • Cultural Appropriation and Respect for Traditions

25. The History of Halloween Parades

Some of the history of Halloween parade ideas and related topics include:

  • Macy’s Halloween Parade in New York
  • Halloween Parades in Small Towns
  • Themed Floats and Costumed Marchers
  • Historical Evolution of Parade Traditions
  • The Role of Parades in Community Bonding
  • Halloween Parades as Fundraising Events
  • Spectacular Parade Balloons
  • Notable Halloween Parade Moments
  • International Halloween Processions
  • The Future of Halloween Parades

26. The Role of Halloween in War Times

Some the role of Halloween in war times ideas and related topics include:

  • Halloween During World War I
  • Halloween on the Home Front in WWII
  • Halloween Celebrations in the Trenches
  • Military Costume Traditions
  • Halloween and the Vietnam War
  • Halloween in Times of Civil Unrest
  • How Wars Shaped Halloween Traditions
  • Halloween as an Escape from Reality
  • Troop Entertainment and Halloween
  • Celebrating Halloween After Conflict

27. Haunted Ships and Maritime Ghost Stories

Here are a few haunted ships and maritime ghost stores ideas and related topics include:

  • The Ghost Ship Mary Celeste
  • The Haunting of the Queen Mary
  • The Flying Dutchman: A Nautical Legend
  • Supernatural Encounters at Sea
  • The Phantom Crew of the Octavius
  • The Cursed Ship USS Oriskany
  • Mysterious Disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Haunted Lighthouses and Coastal Lore
  • Ghostly Encounters on Naval Vessels
  • Maritime Superstitions and Seafarer Rituals

28. Halloween and the Arts

Some Halloween and the arts ideas and related topics include:

  • Halloween in Classical Art and Sculpture
  • Horror Themes in Renaissance Paintings
  • Horror Film Posters as Art
  • Halloween-Themed Art Exhibitions
  • Contemporary Artists Inspired by Halloween
  • The Use of Art in Haunted Houses
  • Halloween Art Collectibles and Memorabilia
  • The Role of Street Art in Halloween Celebrations
  • Horror Illustrations and Comics
  • Art Installations for Halloween Events

29. Unusual Halloween Traditions Around the Globe

Some unusual Halloween traditions around the globe ideas and related topics include:

  • The Night of the Radishes in Mexico
  • Hanging Pumpkins in Hungary
  • Jumping Over Bonfires in Iran
  • All Saints’ Day in the Philippines
  • Hallowe’en in Ireland: Barmbrack Cake
  • The Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off in California
  • Throwing Shoes at the Door in Czechia
  • Dzień Zaduszny (All Souls’ Day) in Poland
  • Pchum Ben Festival in Cambodia
  • Samhain in Contemporary Paganism

30. Halloween and the History of Horror Comics

Here is a list of Halloween and the history of horror comics include:

  • The Birth of Horror Comics
  • Iconic Horror Comic Series
  • The Comics Code Authority and Its Impact
  • EC Comics and Tales from the Crypt
  • Crossover Between Horror Films and Comics
  • Modern Horror Graphic Novels
  • Influential Horror Comic Artists and Writers
  • Horror Comics Collectibles
  • The Role of Horror Comics in Pop Culture
  • Online Horror Webcomics for Halloween

31. Unusual Halloween Decorations and Artifacts

The following are some unusual Halloween decorations and artifacts ideas and related topics:

  • Antique Halloween Posters and Ephemera
  • Collecting Vintage Halloween Die-Cuts
  • Victorian Hair Art for Halloween
  • Halloween-Themed Tinsel Decorations
  • Artifacts from Haunted Houses
  • Vintage Halloween Masks and Costume Accessories
  • Witches’ Balls and Their Origins
  • Antique Halloween Lanterns and Candleholders
  • Oddities and Curiosities as Halloween Decor
  • Historical Halloween-themed Fine Art

32. Halloween Traditions in Native American Cultures

Some Halloween traditions in native american cultures ideas and related topics include:

  • Native American Harvest Festivals
  • Indigenous Samhain-like Celebrations
  • Halloween-Inspired Powwows and Dances
  • Pumpkin Traditions in Native American Cooking
  • The Role of Ancestral Spirits
  • Native American Legends and Ghost Stories
  • Indigenous Mask Traditions
  • Incorporating Traditional Costumes
  • Native American Art and Crafts for Halloween
  • Celebrating the Changing Seasons

33. Halloween in Times of Pandemics and Quarantines

Some Halloween in times of pandemics and quarantines ideas and related topics include:

  • Historical Halloween During Health Crises
  • Halloween Celebrations in the Spanish Flu Era
  • Modern Pandemic Halloween Celebrations
  • Virtual Halloween Parties and Events
  • DIY Halloween Decorations for Isolation
  • Creative Costume Ideas for Social Distancing
  • Pandemic-Inspired Halloween Horror
  • The Role of Masks in Pandemic Halloween
  • Pandemic-Themed Halloween Art and Memes
  • Lessons from History on Celebrating Safely

34. Halloween and the Evolution of Horror Makeup

Here is a list of Halloween and the evolution of horror makeup ideas and related topics include:

  • Early Horror Makeup Techniques
  • The Influence of Silent Film on Makeup
  • Universal Monsters and Makeup Innovation
  • The Role of Makeup Artists in Horror Cinema
  • Iconic Horror Character Makeup Transformations
  • Special Effects Makeup in Horror Films
  • Body Painting and Halloween Makeup Artistry
  • The Rise of DIY SFX Makeup Tutorials
  • Horror Makeup Collectibles
  • The Impact of Makeup on the Halloween Industry

35. The Cultural Significance of Halloween Pumpkins

These are a few of the cultural significance of Halloween pumpkins ideas and related topics include:

  • The Role of Pumpkins in Samhain Traditions
  • Jack-o’-Lanterns as Warding Symbols
  • Historical Uses of Pumpkins in Cooking
  • Pumpkin Carving as Folk Art
  • The Tradition of Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
  • The Great Pumpkin in Popular Culture
  • Pumpkins as Symbols of Prosperity
  • Pumpkin Festivals and Competitions
  • The Cultural Impact of Pumpkin Spice
  • Sustainable Practices in Pumpkin Farming

36. Halloween and Environmental Conservation

These are some Halloween and environmental conservation ideas include:

  • Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations
  • Sustainable Costume Choices
  • Reducing Halloween Food Waste
  • Eco-conscious Trick-or-Treat Practices
  • Upcycling Halloween Materials
  • Pumpkin Composting Initiatives
  • Solar-Powered Haunted Attractions
  • Halloween-Themed Conservation Campaigns
  • Wildlife-Friendly Halloween Celebrations
  • Lessons from History on Earth-Friendly Halloween

37. Halloween and the History of Horror Photography

Some Halloween and the history of horror photography ideas and related topics include:

  • Early Examples of Horror Photography
  • Spirit Photography and Ghostly Images
  • Darkroom Tricks for Spooky Photos
  • Horror Photography in Early Cinema
  • Creepy Portrait Photography Trends
  • Contemporary Horror Photography Artists
  • Haunted House Photo Tours
  • Horror-Themed Photography Workshops
  • Horror Photography in Advertising
  • DIY Horror Photography Techniques

38. Halloween Traditions in the Space Age

Some Halloween traditions in the space age ideas and related topics include:

  • Halloween in the Space Race Era
  • Astronaut and Alien-Themed Costumes
  • Space Exploration Decorations and Props
  • Extraterrestrial Folklore and Legends
  • Sci-Fi Horror Films of the 1950s and 1960s
  • Space-Themed Halloween Parties
  • UFO Sightings on Halloween
  • Astronomical Events and Halloween
  • Space-Related Halloween Collectibles
  • Halloween in the Age of Space Tourism

39. Historical Origins of Halloween Pranks and Mischief

Here are some historical origins of Halloween pranks and mischief ideas and related topics include:

  • Mischief Night Traditions Around the World
  • Early Prankster Celebrations on Halloween
  • The History of Egging and Toilet Papering
  • Halloween Vandalism and Its Impact
  • Prankster Legends and Folklore
  • Famous Halloween Pranks in History
  • Prankster Traditions in Different Cultures
  • Community Responses to Halloween Mischief
  • Modern Alternatives to Destructive Pranks
  • Celebrating Prankster Spirit Creatively on Halloween

40. Halloween and the History of Fortune-Telling

Some Halloween and the history of fortune-telling ideas and related topics include:

  • Divination Practices on Halloween
  • Bobbing for Apples as a Fortune-Telling Game
  • Traditional Methods of Predicting the Future
  • Tarot Card Reading on Halloween
  • Tea Leaf Reading and Halloween Symbolism
  • Ouija Boards and Seances on All Hallows’ Eve
  • Historical Fortune-Telling Charms and Objects
  • The Influence of Astrology on Halloween
  • Modern Fortune-Telling Trends
  • Ethics and Beliefs Surrounding Halloween Divination

41. Halloween in the Digital Age

Some Halloween in the digital age ideas and topics include:

  • The Emergence of Online Halloween Communities
  • Virtual Halloween Costume Contests
  • Interactive Haunted House Experiences
  • Social Media’s Role in Halloween Celebrations
  • Halloween-Themed Mobile Apps and Games
  • YouTube’s Influence on DIY Halloween
  • The Rise of Online Halloween Shopping
  • Virtual Halloween Art Exhibitions
  • Streaming Horror Movies for Halloween
  • Crowdsourced Halloween Projects and Collaborations

42. Halloween and the History of Ancestral Worship

Some Halloween and the history of ancestral worship ideas and related topics include:

  • Samhain’s Connection to Ancestral Honoring
  • Ancestral Altars and Offerings
  • Cultural Variations in Ancestral Practices
  • Ancestor Veneration in Asian Cultures
  • Indigenous Ancestral Worship on Halloween
  • Ancestral Ghost Stories and Legends
  • Ancestor-Directed Rituals and Ceremonies
  • The Significance of Genealogy Research
  • Modern Ancestral Practices on Halloween
  • Honoring Ancestors in Personal Traditions

43. Halloween and the World of Cosplay

These are some Halloween and the world of cosplay ideas and related topics include:

  • Cosplay as an Extension of Halloween
  • Historical Origins of Costume Play
  • Famous Cosplay Events and Conventions
  • Cosplay Communities and Subcultures
  • Horror Cosplay: Embracing the Macabre
  • Crafting Detailed Costume Props
  • The Art of Cosplay Makeup and Wigs
  • Crossplay: Gender-Bending in Costume
  • Cosplay Competitions and Awards
  • The Influence of Pop Culture on Cosplay Trends

44. Halloween and the History of Haunted Hotels

Some Halloween and the history of haunted hotels ideas and related topics include:

  • Famous Haunted Hotels Around the World
  • Ghostly Encounters in Historic Inns
  • The Role of Hotels in Local Legends
  • Historical Origins of Haunting Stories
  • Investigations and Paranormal Research
  • Haunted Hotel Tours and Attractions
  • Celebrity Guests and Their Haunting Tales
  • Hospitality Industry and Haunted Marketing
  • Ghostly Hotel Staff and Apparitions
  • Staying Overnight in Haunted Accommodations

45. The Role of Historical Reenactments in Halloween

List of the role of historical reenactments in Halloween ideas and related topics include:

  • Historical Halloween Reenactment Societies
  • Recreating Ancient Samhain Celebrations
  • Theatrical Performances and Halloween History
  • Interactive Living History Museums on Halloween
  • Historical Costume Accuracy and Research
  • Halloween Renaissance Faires and Festivals
  • The Influence of Reenactments on Traditions
  • DIY Historical Reenactment for Halloween
  • Combining Halloween and Historical Education
  • Authenticity and Ethics in Reenactments

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Halloween topics to talk about

The following is a list of Halloween topics to talk about:

1. The creepiest urban legends that take place on Halloween night – like the one about the ghostly hitchhiker or the costume that turned out to be real human skin. 

2. Spooky paranormal activity people report happening every year on Halloween, like flickering lights, noises, and objects moving on their own.

3. Strange rituals people used to practice on Halloween night, like divination games to foresee the future and who you’ll marry. 

4. The creepy history behind Halloween traditions like bobbing for apples – which originated as a matchmaking ritual. 

5. Real-life haunted houses where terrible tragedies took place that people report ghosts of the victims roaming on Halloween.

6. Creepy myths and legends surrounding Halloween creatures like witches, vampires, werewolves, and zombies.

7. Mysterious cases of people vanishing on Halloween night, never to be seen again. 

8. Strange superstitions about Halloween practices that people still follow, like avoiding black cats. 

9. Origins of Halloween customs in ancient pagan harvest festivals with creepy symbolism.

10. Weird vintage Halloween costumes that look downright terrifying by today’s standards. 

11. Ghost stories from cemeteries and graveyards associated with Halloween scares.  

12. Disturbing Halloween pranks taken too far – some even leading to injury or death.

13. The creepy history of Halloween masking and costuming used to evade and appease spirits.

14. Strange meanings behind Halloween symbols like bats, spiders, black cats, and jack-o-lanterns. 

15. Small towns that totally transform into terrifying places you can visit on Halloween.

16. Real cases of Halloween candy being tampered with, sometimes with deadly consequences. 

17. Haunted forests people have gotten lost in on Halloween night, reporting encountering ghosts.

18. Sinister mythical creatures said to roam freely on Halloween night looking for victims. 

19. Creepy psychological studies and experiments conducted using Halloween themes and imagery. 

20. Mysterious illnesses and epidemics thought to be linked to Halloween for strange reasons.

Here are more very strange, weird, creepy, and scary Halloween topics:

21. Serial killers like John Wayne Gacy who used creepy clown costumes as part of their murder sprees.  

22. Bizarre old-timey Halloween fortune telling methods using mirrors, apple peels, and candle flames. 

23. Mysterious unexplained noises like screams, knocks or footsteps people hear on Halloween night.

24. Creepy findings made in abandoned buildings, homes and asylums at Halloween time.

25. Strange Halloween rituals still practiced today like holding dumb suppers or ringing bells to ward off spirits.

26. Real cases of people faking their own deaths or disappearances to happen on Halloween. 

27. Haunted dolls and other toys said to be more active and possessive on Halloween night.

28. Sinister meanings behind common Halloween symbols and decorations.

29. unsetExploring creepy places like cemeteries, catacombs, asylums, and crypts on Halloween night. 

30. Documented premonitions of death people experienced on Halloween before tragedy struck. 

31. Peculiar Halloween costumes that caused intense fear, panic or even jail time. 

32. Mass hysteria outbreaks and panic induced by Halloween hoaxes and pranks.

33. Bizarre Halloween-themed patents ranging from decor to costumes to candy.

34. Cases of Halloween candy being tampered with or containing hidden objects.

35. Spooky theories about Halloween being linked to aliens, occult rituals or quantum physics.

36. Small towns completely obsessed with Halloween celebrations in creepy ways. 

37. Murders, suicides and other violent events that have happened on Halloween night.

38. Paranormal investigators’ creepiest evidence gathered during Halloween investigations.

39. Sinister origins of Halloween traditions like trick-or-treating or bobbing for apples. 

40. Shocking Halloween publicity stunts, performances and attractions meant to terrify. 

41. Creepy psychological studies about fear done using Halloween themes and imagery.

42. Unsolved mysteries and theories about Halloween’s beginnings and original purpose. 

43. Ghost stories about haunted houses where horrific Halloween murders took place.

44. Bizarre historical Halloween customs like burning effigies, hiding knives or playing fortune telling games. 

45. Mysterious illnesses and epidemics linked to Halloween due to superstitions.

46. True tales of deadly or destructive Halloween pranks gone wrong.

47. Strange animal behavior reported andlinked to paranormal activity on Halloween.

48. Unexpectedly creepy vintage Halloween photos, costumes and decorations.

49. Conspiracy theories about Halloween being linked to the occult, aliens or government.

50. Haunted forests, fields or pumpkin patches with creepy supernatural occurrences on Halloween.

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Halloween topic ideas

Some Halloween topic ideas include:

1. Ghostly Hitchhikers 

2. Paranormal Activity  

3. Divination Rituals

4. Apple Bobbing History

5. Haunted Houses

6. Monster Myths

7. Vanishing Victims

8. Halloween Superstitions 

9. Pagan Harvests

10. Vintage Costumes

11. Graveyard Ghost Stories

12. Pranks Gone Wrong

13. Masking Origins

14. Halloween Symbols

15. Transformed Towns

16. Candy Tampering

17. Haunted Forests 

18. Mythical Creatures 

19. Halloween Psychology  

20. Linked Epidemics

21. Killer Clowns

22. Fortune Telling Methods

23. Unexplained Noises

24. Abandoned Discoveries

25. Ancient Rituals

26. Faked Disappearances

27. Haunted Dolls

28. Sinister Decor 

29. Creepy Explorations

30. Death Premonitions

31. Fearful Costumes

32. Mass Panics

33. Bizarre Patents

34. Candy Objects

35. Spooky Theories

36. Obsessed Towns

37. Halloween Violence

38. Creepy Evidence

39. Sinister Origins

40. Terrifying Stunts

41. Fear Studies

42. Mystery Beginnings

43. Murder Houses

44. Historical Customs

45. Superstition Illnesses 

46. Deadly Pranks

47. Animal Behavior 

48. Creepy Vintage 

49. Halloween Conspiracies

50. Haunted Locations

51. Celtic Roots of Samhain

52. Evolution of Halloween in America

53. Influence of Christianity on Halloween

54. Legend of the Headless Horseman

55. The Myth of the Werecat

56. The Legend of La Llorona

57. The Hessian Soldier Ghost

58. The Tale of the Bell Witch

59. Japan’s Obon Festival and Ancestor Worship

60. Mexico’s Day of the Dead Traditions

61. The Irish Tradition of Barmbrack

62. Romanian Halloween Superstitions

63. Chinese Ghost Month Practices

64. Salem Witch Trials

65. European Witch Hunts

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Funny Halloween topics

Some of the hilarious and funny Halloween topics include:

1. DIY Costume Fails

Homemade costumes that turn out hilariously wrong. These are instances where people attempt to create their own Halloween costumes but end up with unintentionally humorous or bizarre results.

For Example, A DIY “Ghostbuster” costume made with a vacuum cleaner and kitchen supplies, or a homemade “Super Mario” costume that looks more like a deformed plumber.  Or dressing as a robot but looking more like a cardboard box person.

2. Halloween Dad Jokes

Corny Halloween-themed jokes only a dad could love. Like “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? He had no guts!”

Classic dad jokes with a spooky twist, often incorporating puns related to Halloween themes.

Another Example, “Why did the ghost go to the party? Because it heard it would be a ‘boo’last!” or “What do you call a mummy’s favorite type of music? Wrap!”

3. Pet Costume Mishaps

When people dress up their pets in Halloween costumes, sometimes the result is more comical than cute.

Pets wearing Halloween costumes gone wrong, like dogs tripping over capes or cats getting tangled in spider legs.

For Example, A dog dressed as a hot dog with the bun slipping off, or a cat in a tiny wizard hat looking thoroughly unimpressed.

4. Candy Trading Drama

The humorous conflicts that can arise among kids (and adults) during post-trick-or-treat candy trading negotiations.

For Example, Kids fiercely debating the merits of trading a Snickers bar for a handful of candy corn or someone trying to exchange a toothbrush for a king-sized candy bar.

5. Pumpkin Carving Blunders

These involve carving pumpkins with good intentions but ending up with hilarious or misshapen results.

For Example, A pumpkin with a face so lopsided it looks perpetually surprised or a pumpkin carving attempt that accidentally turned the pumpkin into a “zombie.”

6. Spooky Decorations Gone Wrong

When Halloween decorations don’t quite have the intended scary effect and instead become laughable.

For Example, A motion-activated ghost decoration that malfunctions and starts dancing to “Thriller” unexpectedly or a fake spiderweb that looks more like a cotton candy explosion.

7. Trick-or-Treat Traffic Jams

The chaotic scenes that can occur in neighborhoods with too many trick-or-treaters, leading to humorous congestion.

For Example, A street so crowded with trick-or-treaters that it resembles a parade, or a bottleneck at a particularly popular house with great candy.

8. Monster Mask Meltdowns

Instances where costume masks, especially rubber or latex ones, become uncomfortable, sweaty, or hilariously impractical.

For Example, A werewolf mask slipping down to reveal the wearer’s real eyebrows or a monster mask that fogs up so much the wearer can’t see where they’re going.

9. Haunted House Scareactors

When the actors in haunted houses or attractions accidentally break character or make visitors laugh instead of scream.

For Example, A spooky ghoul accidentally tripping over a prop coffin or a vampire cracking a joke instead of trying to scare visitors.

10. Cheesy Halloween Songs

Halloween-themed songs that are intentionally cheesy and campy, adding a humorous element to the holiday.

For Example, “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett or “The Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley, both known for their humorous and catchy tunes.

11. Couples Costume Cringe

Some couple’s costumes are so awkward and embarrassing, like guy dressed as dog house and girl as fire hydrant. Or guy as fork and girl as electrical outlet.

12. Halloween Party Fashion Disasters

People wear ridiculous, ugly, or inappropriate costumes to Halloween parties, like guys in Borat mankinis or girls with barely-there costumes. 

13. Kids’ Adorably Goofy Costumes

Little kids come up with silly homemade costumes like dressing up as a stack of pancakes or as a cotton ball. It’s cute but goofy.

14. Candy Comas and Sugar Rushes

Kids eat so much Halloween candy they get stomach aches or act hyper and crazy from sugar overload. Running around the house wildly after eating piles of candy.

15. Haunted Hayrides from Hell

Scary hayrides meant to be spooky end up going hilariously wrong, with corn mazes people can’t escape or hay bales attacking riders.

16. Squashed Jack-o’-Lanterns

Elaborate carved pumpkins get stepped on or smashed right after they are finished. Months of work destroyed in seconds.

17. Hilarious Tombstone Slogans

Instead of scary or poetic sayings, tombstones have funny epitaphs like “See you on the other side” or “Wish you were here”.

18. Ghost Story Goof-Ups

Campfire ghost stories fall apart with silly plot twists or anti-climactic endings that ruin the scariness.

19. Spooky Prank Backfires

Pranks meant to scare friends like fake spiders or bloody limbs end up backfiring somehow.

20. Cringe-y Horror Movie Tropes

Dumb horror movie clichés make serious scary movies end up being unintentionally funny instead. Like the girl who trips and falls while running from the killer.

21. Cheap Halloween Decorations

Decorating for Halloween on a tight budget using things like cardboard, duct tape, and paint to make DIY decorations like ghosts made of sheets or fake tombstones made of cardboard boxes. 

Example: “I made a mummy out of toilet paper and it fell apart when the first trick-or-treater showed up.”

22. Scary Movie Parody Skits

Poking fun at classic horror movie scenes and characters by acting out silly, lighthearted versions.

Example: “My friends and I did a goofy skit dressed up like the ghosts from Ghostbusters dancing to silly music.” 

23. Extra Af Witch Cackles

Exaggerated, over-the-top evil witch laughs. For Example: “My sister kept practicing her dramatic witch laugh all month to prepare for Halloween.”

24. Totally Un-Scary Haunted Houses

Haunted house attractions designed for kids that are more cute than creepy.

For Example: “The haunted house had dancing skeletons, smiling jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts saying ‘boo’ in silly voices.”

25. Terrifying Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers having epic meltdowns over minor issues like their Halloween costume or candy. 

Example: “The toddler threw a fit because his candy bucket was the wrong color.” 

26. Corny Halloween Pick-Up Lines

Cheesy pick-up lines with a Halloween theme. Example: “Are you a ghost? Because you are hauntingly beautiful.”

27. Group Costume Calamities

Funny mishaps when trying to coordinate group Halloween costumes.

Example: “Our group cow costume fell apart when two people tried to fit through a door at once.”

28. Halloween Episodes of Kids’ Shows

Kids’ TV shows that have funny, lighthearted Halloween specials. Example: “The Halloween episode of Spongebob Squarepants where they sing the ‘F.U.N. Song’ is hilarious.”

29. Candy Hungover Nov. 1st Regrets

Feeling sick from eating too much Halloween candy. Example: “I felt so sick after eating a whole bag of candy corn. No more Halloween candy for me.”

30. Getting Scared Over Nothing

People getting startled over harmless things like shadows or creaky floors during Halloween. 

For Example: “My little cousin screamed when a leaf blew across our porch. So much for our haunted house.”

31. Halloween Decorations Gone Wild

This is when people go overboard with spooky decorations. Think giant spider webs, tombstones, and skeletons in funny costumes.

For Example: Turning your front yard into a haunted graveyard with so many fake zombies that it looks like a zombie convention.

32. Spooky Home Haunt Mishaps

Sometimes, when people create their haunted houses, things don’t go as planned. Maybe props fall down or someone accidentally scares themselves.

For Example: Your homemade ghost decoration falls on your friend, and they end up being the scariest thing in your haunted house.

33. Misheard Trick-or-Treat Greetings

Sometimes, when kids go trick-or-treating, they might hear something different than “Trick or treat!” This can lead to funny mix-ups.

For example Example: A child hears “Chickens feet!” instead of “Trick or treat!” and gets confused, wondering if they should ask for chicken or candy.

34. Dogs Dressed as Hot Dogs

It’s hilarious when dogs wear costumes, especially when they’re dressed as hot dogs. It’s a pun because they’re like real hot dogs!

Example: A dachshund dressed in a hot dog bun costume with ketchup and mustard. It’s a doggone good laugh!

35. Forgotten Halloween Traditions

Some old Halloween traditions are forgotten. Like bobbing for apples or telling ghost stories by the campfire. They can be fun to revive!

Example: Hosting a spooky storytelling night with friends around a bonfire, sharing ghostly tales and roasting marshmallows.

36. Candy Math Trade Negotiations

Kids often trade Halloween candies with their friends. Sometimes, they use funny math to make their trades seem like a better deal.

Example: Trading five small chocolates for one big candy bar, as if it’s the candy stock market.

37. DIY Face Paint Disasters

When people try to paint their faces for Halloween, it doesn’t always turn out as planned. Sometimes, they end up looking more like funny clowns than scary monsters.

Example: Trying to paint a spooky skeleton face but ending up looking like a panda with a bone-shaped nose.

38. Cheesy Halloween Sound Effects

Some Halloween sound effects can be really cheesy and make people laugh more than scream. Like goofy ghost sounds or squeaky doors.

Example: A haunted house with a door that makes a rubber ducky squeak when it opens, instead of a creepy creak.

39. Corn Maze Catastrophes:

Navigating a corn maze can be tricky. People might get lost, and it turns into a funny adventure rather than a spooky one.

Example: Spending hours trying to find your way out of a corn maze and eventually getting out by following the sounds of a nearby pizza truck.

40. Witch Cackle Competitions

People imitating witches and having competitions to see who can do the funniest witch cackle. It’s all in good Halloween fun!

Example: Friends gathering and taking turns cackling like witches, with one friend’s cackle sounding more like a duck’s quack, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

41. Unfortunate Pumpkin Spice Products

These are funny Halloween-themed products with pumpkin spice flavors or scents that might be a bit unusual.

For Example, Pumpkin Spice Toothpaste, Pumpkin Spice Scented Trash Bags, Pumpkin Spice Duct Tape.

42. Family Costume Chaos

When families struggle to agree on a Halloween costume theme, leading to funny and mismatched outfits.

For Example, Dad as a pirate, Mom as a zombie, and kids as astronauts, all in one group.

43. Misspelled Halloween Signs

Signs with Halloween messages or decorations that have spelling mistakes, creating unintentional humor.

For Example, “Witch’s Parking Only – All Other Will Be Toad,” or “Happy Holloween!”

44. Tricked Out Golf Cart Parades

Golf carts decked out with spooky decorations and people in costumes driving them around in Halloween parades.

For Example, Golf cart turned into a pirate ship or a haunted house on wheels.

45. Halloween Caroling Cacophony

Groups of people going door-to-door singing funny and spooky Halloween-themed songs instead of Christmas carols.

For Example, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

46. Flimsy Store-Bought Costumes

Cheap, mass-produced Halloween costumes that often tear or fall apart easily, leading to amusing mishaps.

For Example, A vampire costume with fake fangs that won’t stay in place, or a superhero cape that rips easily.

47. Monster Cereal Eating Contests

Competitions where participants try to eat as much Halloween-themed cereal (like Count Chocula) as they can in a set time.

For Example, Trying to finish a giant bowl of Monster Cereals in under a minute.

48. Candy Appetite Overestimations:

Kids who believe they can consume an enormous amount of Halloween candy but end up with funny expressions after just a few pieces.

For Example, Kids with wide eyes and surprised faces after biting into extremely sour candies.

49. Baby’s First Jack-o’-Lantern:

Parents attempting to carve a pumpkin with their baby’s help, resulting in a cute but chaotic mess.

For Example, Baby’s tiny handprints in the pumpkin or a pumpkin covered in baby food.

50. Spooky Ghost Stories Gone Silly:

Stories meant to be scary but told in a funny or absurd way, often with humorous twists.

For Example, A ghost who haunts a kitchen to eat all the cookies or a vampire who’s afraid of garlic-scented candles.

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In conclusion, with our diverse array of 600+ Halloween topics to talk about and ideas for Halloween inspiration and activities, you’re well-equipped to embrace the unique charm of this spooky season.

Whether you prefer fun or fright, our collection ensures your Halloween celebrations will be filled with creativity, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Happy Haunting!


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