40 Valentine’s day ideas for work and activities with coworkers at office and virtual celebrations – 2023 edition

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples to celebrate their love, but also a day for coworkers to show their appreciation and affection for one another in the workplace. 

Whether it’s organizing a potluck, having a Secret Valentine gift exchange, or participating in team-building activities, there are endless valentine’s day ideas for work.

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 40 Valentine’s Day work activities and ideas to help you create an atmosphere of love and positivity in the workplace.

Get ready to spread some love and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!


40 Valentine’s day work activities and celebration ideas

The following is a list of best valentine’s day work activities and celebration ideas for work to perform with coworkers at office:

1. Play a game of “Secret Admirer” where everyone has to guess who wrote them an anonymous love note

Valentine’s Day is just here, and what better way to celebrate with your coworkers than by participating in a fun and festive activity?

One such activity that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face is playing a game of “Secret Admirer”.

This activity is simple yet effective in creating a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere in the office.

Each participant is given an anonymous love note and must guess who wrote it. This can be done through a process of elimination or by asking questions to other coworkers.

The key to this activity is to keep it light and playful, so make sure to set ground rules for the game. Encourage participants to be creative with their notes and to refrain from being too serious or inappropriate.

Not only does this activity promote teamwork and interaction among coworkers, but it also provides a much-needed break from the usual workday routine.

It also gives everyone a chance to showcase their sense of humor and creativity.

Ultimately, playing a game of “Secret Admirer” is a great way to spread joy and positivity in the office this Valentine’s Day. So, gather your coworkers and give this fun activity a try!

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2. Have a “Cupid’s Cup” competition to see who can come up with the most creative gift or date idea for a significant other.

For Valentine’s day, It’s time to get creative in the workplace and celebrate the love we have for our significant others. This year, why not add some fun to your office by hosting a “Cupid’s Cup” competition?

The Cupid’s Cup competition is a fantastic way to engage with your coworkers and show off your love and appreciation for your partner. It’s simple to participate – all you need to do is come up with the most creative gift or date idea for your significant other.

Whether it’s a homemade coupon book, a romantic dinner for two, or a weekend getaway, let your imagination run wild and get as creative as possible.

The winner of the competition will be awarded with the prestigious title of “Office Cupid” and be recognized for their love and devotion.

Not only will the Cupid’s Cup competition provide a great opportunity to bond with your coworkers, but it will also give you some great inspiration for your own Valentine’s Day plans.

So get your thinking cap on and get ready to impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day with a unique and memorable gift.

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3. Host an office-wide Secret Valentine exchange. 

The office-wide Secret Valentine exchange is a fun and engaging activity that promotes team building and fosters a positive work environment.

The activity involves all employees anonymously participating in a gift exchange.

Each employee will draw a name from a hat and purchase a gift for their secret valentine.

On Valentine’s Day, the gifts will be exchanged and the identities of the secret valentines will be revealed.

This activity is an excellent opportunity for employees to show their appreciation for one another and to demonstrate the strong sense of community within the office.

It also serves as a break from the usual work routine and provides a fun and lighthearted atmosphere.

To ensure a successful event, it is important to establish guidelines and procedures for the Secret Valentine exchange. 

For example, a set budget should be established to ensure that all participants are able to comfortably participate. 

Additionally, HR should provide instructions on how to properly wrap and label the gifts, as well as guidelines on what types of gifts are appropriate.

Overall, the office-wide Secret Valentine exchange is a wonderful opportunity for employees to connect and have some fun.

This activity can be easily organized by HR or a designated team leader, and can be made inclusive for all employees by setting a modest spending limit for gifts.

It is an excellent way to boost morale and foster a positive work environment, and can be easily adapted to the unique culture and dynamics of your office.

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4. Create a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt throughout the office. Each team has to find items related to Valentine’s Day and the team that finds the most items wins.

The Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a fun and interactive activity that can be enjoyed by coworkers in the office. The objective of the game is for teams to search for items related to Valentine’s Day and the team that finds the most items wins.

To play, follow these steps:

1. Divide the participants into teams of 4-5 people each.

2. Provide each team with a list of items that they need to find. These items should be related to Valentine’s Day such as chocolates, flowers, hearts, etc.

3. Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt, typically around 30-45 minutes.

4. The teams then have to search the office to find all the items on the list that are related to valentine’s day.

5. The team that finds the most items within the time limit is declared the winner.

This activity not only encourages teamwork and collaboration among coworkers but also provides an opportunity for them to bond and have fun together.

To make the scavenger hunt even more enjoyable, you could add a small prize for the winning team. For instance, the winning team will be rewarded prizes such as extra salary or special incentives.

5. Have a Valentine’s Day themed trivia game. Ask questions related to love and Valentine’s Day and the team with the most correct answers wins.

As part of our Valentine’s Day celebration, hosting a trivia game in the office is a good idea. The game is designed to bring coworkers together and foster a fun and friendly work environment.

The objective of the game is to answer questions related to love and Valentine’s Day and see who comes out on top.

Here are the steps on how to play:

1. Form teams: Divide the employees into teams of 4-5 members each.

2. Prepare questions: Each team will be provided with a set of Valentine’s Day-themed questions that can be collected from books, magazines or websites.

3. Decide Topics: The questions will cover a variety of topics, including famous love stories, famous couples, Valentine’s Day traditions, and more.

4. Start the game: Read out the questions to the teams and give them limited time to discuss and answer the question.

5. Keep score: Record the score of each team after each question and keep a running tally of the total score.

6. Announce the winner: After all the questions have been answered, announce the team with the highest score as the winner.

7. Prize distribution: Distribute prizes such as chocolates, gift certificates, etc. to the winning team.

Note: The game should be conducted in a friendly and competitive spirit, keeping in mind the office culture and values.

By conducting this fun activity, employees will have an opportunity to bond and interact with their colleagues, enhancing the work environment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

6. Hold a team-building activity centered around creating Valentine’s Day gifts and cards for local charities.

In the spirit of this holiday, it’s good to host a team-building activity that combines creativity, teamwork, and giving back to the community.

This activity will involve creating Valentine’s Day gifts and cards for local charities and is a great way to bring coworkers together and spread some love.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Gather supplies: Collect materials such as paper, markers, stickers, and other items that can be used to create cards and gifts. Make sure to have enough supplies for each team member.

2. Form teams: Divide your coworkers into teams of 3-5 people each.

3. Assign a charity: Each team will be assigned a local charity to create gifts and cards for.

4. Brainstorm ideas: Encourage teams to brainstorm ideas for gifts and cards that they can create. Encourage them to think outside the box and be creative.

5. Create gifts and cards: Teams should use the supplies provided to create gifts and cards for their assigned charity. Encourage teamwork and collaboration.

6. Present gifts and cards: After each team has completed their gifts and cards, have each team present their creations to the rest of the group.

7. Donate gifts and cards: Collect all of the gifts and cards created and donate them to the local charities.


This Valentine’s Day team-building activity is a great way to bring coworkers together and spread love in the community.

It encourages teamwork, creativity, and giving back, which are all important values for any workplace.

By participating in this activity, you can build stronger relationships with your coworkers and make a positive impact in your community.

7. Have a Valentine’s Day themed costume party where everyone has to dress up in their favorite love-inspired outfit and organize a photoshoot with love themed costumes.

The Valentine’s Day themed costume party is a great way to bring coworkers together and create a festive and fun environment in the office.

Encouraging employees to dress up, take photos, and share them creates a visual memory of the event that they can cherish for years to come. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate love, friendship, and affection in the workplace.

Activity instructions:

1. Encourage employees to dress up in their favorite love-inspired costume. This can range from a classic Cupid to a modern-day superhero in love.

2. Set up a designated area for the photoshoot with love-themed decorations such as hearts, balloons, and streamers.

3. Provide props for employees to use in their photoshoot such as love letters, teddy bears, flowers, and anything else that represents love and affection.

4. Encourage employees to take photos with their coworkers, partners, and friends to capture the festive spirit of Valentine’s Day.

5. Set up a digital platform for employees to share their photos, such as a shared folder or social media platform, to create a visual memory of the day. Spread the love and create a buzz around the workplace.

6. Award prizes for the best dressed employee and the most creative photo to encourage participation and add to the excitement of the event.

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8. Organize a blind date event where employees can get to know each other better.

Blind date events are a fun way to bring coworkers together and get to know each other on a personal level.

This Valentine’s Day, especially for all bachelors or singles, it’s a great idea to organize a blind date event in the office to help employees build stronger relationships and foster a positive work environment.

Activity instructions:

1. Set up a sign-up sheet for employees who are interested in participating (specially for singles).

2. Assign each participant a random number to keep their identity anonymous.

3. Create pairs by matching the numbers of two employees who will have a blind date during the event.

4. Set up a designated area in the office where the blind dates will take place. This could be a conference room or any other private area.

5. Give each pair a set amount of time to get to know each other better and ask questions.

6. At the end of the event, employees can exchange contact information or continue their conversations if they wish to.

7. Encourage employees to share feedback on their experience and suggest any improvements for future events.

8. Finally, celebrate the event with a Valentine’s Day treat for all participants.

In Conclusion:

This blind date event is a great way for employees to break out of their comfort zones and get to know their coworkers on a personal level.

By fostering stronger relationships, employees will feel more connected and motivated in the workplace.

9. Have a love-themed art competition where each team has to create a Valentine’s Day inspired painting.

A love-themed art competition is a fun and engaging way to bring the employees together on Valentine’s Day. It promotes teamwork, brings out everyone’s creative side and allows individuals to showcase their talents in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Activity instructions:

1. Divide the employees into teams of 4-5 individuals each.

2. Give each team a large canvas and a set of painting supplies, such as brushes, paints, and markers.

3. Provide a theme for the competition, such as “Love in the City” or “Romantic Moments”.

4. Allow each team to have 1-2 hours to create their Valentine’s Day inspired painting.

5. Once the time is up, have all the teams present their paintings to the rest of the employees.

6. Have a panel of judges, consisting of HR representatives or senior management, to evaluate each painting based on creativity, originality, and relevance to the theme.

7. Announce the winning team and present them with a prize, such as a gift card or a certificate.

8. Encourage all the teams to display their paintings in the office to create a festive and love-filled atmosphere.

10. Organize a love song karaoke event where employees can sing their favorite love songs.

In the office setting, coworkers can also participate in a fun and lighthearted activity to celebrate valentine’s day.

One of the most entertaining valentine’s day work activities is a love song karaoke event, where employees can sing their favorite love songs and show off their musical talents.

Activity instructions:

1. Choose a suitable location within the office for the karaoke event. This could be a conference room, lounge area or even an open space.

2. Set up a karaoke machine with a microphone, speakers, and a screen displaying the lyrics. Make sure all the equipment is in good working order.

3. Encourage employees to sign up to perform in advance. They can choose a love song of their choice and provide their name, song title, and preferred time slot.

4. Create a playlist of all the songs to be performed and make sure they are available in the karaoke machine.

5. On the day of the event, welcome everyone and make any necessary introductions.

6. Start the karaoke event by playing an instrumental version of a love song as background music.

7. Ask each employee to perform in order of their preferred time slot. Give each performer a round of applause after their performance.

8. Encourage everyone to participate by singing along or cheering on their coworkers.

9. Provide refreshments and snacks for everyone to enjoy during the event.

10. End the event with a group performance of a love song, encouraging everyone to join in.

In conclusion, the love song karaoke event is a great way to bring employees together and promote team building in the office.

It provides a fun and lighthearted atmosphere for everyone to enjoy and remember the joy of Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s day ideas for work

Here is a list of fun valentine’s day ideas for work to celebrate with colleagues at office:

1. Decorate the office with Valentine’s Day decorations and have a competition to see who can make the best decorations.

2. Write anonymous love letters to each other and then read them out loud in a group setting.

3. Organize a romantic movie marathon and have a discussion about the love scenes after each movie.

4. Have a love-themed baking competition where each team has to create a Valentine’s Day inspired dessert.

5. Organize a love-themed book club and discuss the love stories in the books.

6. Have a love quote competition where everyone has to find the most romantic quote and share it with the group.

7. Organize a speed dating event where employees can get to know each other in a short amount of time.

8. Have a love-themed card making competition where each team has to create the best Valentine’s Day card.

9. Organize a love-themed photo booth where employees can take fun photos with their coworkers.

10. Have a love song writing competition where employees have to write original love songs.

Valentine’s day team building activities

Here is a list of valentine’s day team building activities:

11. Organize a love-themed crossword puzzle competition where teams have to solve love-related crosswords.

12. Organize a love-themed craft competition where each team has to create a love-themed craft.

13. Exchange Valentine’s Day cards with colleagues

14. Host a potluck lunch with everyone’s favorite treats

15. Create a love songs playlist and have a dance party in the office.

16. Have a “Guess the Candy” game where everyone has to guess what type of candy is in a jar

17. Have a “Cupid’s Arrow” game where everyone tries to hit a target with paper arrows

18. Have a “Name That Love Song” competition

19. Organize a “Love Storytelling” competition

20. Have a “love advice session” – Each employee should speak about love and provide their opinions, experiences, and advice to one another.


Virtual valentine’s day ideas for work

These are a few virtual valentine’s day ideas for work and virtual valentine’s day team building activities:

1. Virtual valentine’s day game night – choose a game, such as charades, Pictionary, or Scattergories, and have everyone play together via video chat.

2. Virtual valentine’s day escape room – set up a virtual escape room, using tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts, and have everyone work together to solve puzzles and complete the room.

3. Send Valentine’s day E-greeting cards – encourage coworkers to send each other virtual cards or e-cards.

4. Exchange virtual gifts – have everyone pick out a virtual gift, such as a gift card or digital music, to exchange with someone else in the group.

5. Have a virtual lip-sync battle – put together a playlist of love songs and have everyone take turns lip syncing to them on video.

6 . Organize virtual valentine’s day icebreakers – plan out some interactive icebreakers, such as virtual scavenger hunts or story-telling challenges, for everyone to enjoy.

7. Create a virtual valentine’s day quiz – put together a quiz with questions about love, relationships, and romance, and have everyone compete to get the most answers right.

8. Exchange virtual valentine’s day messages – have everyone write a short message of love, appreciation, or friendship to share with the group.

9. Virtual trivia night – pick a topic, create some trivia questions, and have everyone compete to see who knows the most via video chat.

10. Host a live video call session in Instagram from the company’s page – invite everyone to join a live video call on Instagram and have an open discussion about love, relationships, and Valentine’s day.

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