55 Great mind shifting questions about Aliens, UFO’s, UAP’s and Extraterrestrial life

UFOs aka UAPs and aliens have always fascinated us. 

From the ancient people enjoying carvings on cave walls, to modern advertisements about UFO sightings — we’re always willing to believe that somewhere out there are creatures more advanced than us.

Namely, a film and TV executive named Ronald D Moore asked the following questions about aliens: 

‘What do you think is the future of humanity? 

Are we eventually going to reach a time when we are a multi-planet species?’

It is not a secret that extraterrestrial civilization visit our Earth in the past centuries. Many scientists are sure about that. For example, Dr. Stephen Greer, who founded Center of Exopolitics. But how about this: do they still come here? Are we alone in the Universe?

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Are aliens real? 

The universe is so humongous that we can’t be the only beings living in it, right ? 

We wonder, does that mean there are other planets with advanced civilizations? 

Are they travelling toward earth to check if we are ready? 

You would like to think that there are much more intelligent lifeforms out there, but you have to consider yourself lucky for being born on planet Earth.

For most of us, the idea of life on other planets seems like a science fiction. However, when you think about it, we actually have many reasons to believe that aliens truly exist. So let me ask you something… What if they do?

Let’s explore much more alien questions that make you think, provoke your imagination and let you lose your mind beyond this life. 

I have written a well researched and thoughtfully gathered questions about aliens that you should consider and try to build a deep perspective about it.

Continue reading till the end and share your perspectives in the comments.


Questions about Aliens

  1. Are we alone in the universe?
  2. Do Aliens exist?
  3. Are aliens already here?
  4. Is God an Alien?
  5. What do aliens think?
  6. Do Aliens use telepathy for communication?
  7. How advanced or ancient an alien brain is?
  8. Are Aliens Humans?
  9. Did Nikola Tesla had interstellar communication?
  10. Is there any advanced intelligent life in the outer space?
  11. What are UFO’s?
  12. Why scientists changed the name of UFO to UAP?
  13. Are UFO’s and UAP’s aliens?
  14. Are Indian God’s Ancient aliens?
  15. Do Ancient Babylonian texts connect humans to extraterrestrials?
  16. How to discover exoplanet alien home worlds?
  17. If we send radio signals do aliens will be able to perceive them?
  18. Which Alien ideas that changed human history?
  19. Do stars guide an Ancient tribe to otherworldly beings?
  20. Can Human DNA reveals Alien hybrids?
  21. Did late mathematician Sri. Ramanujan really had Alien visions?
  22. Can impossible artifacts possess an extraterrestrial connections?
  23. Is it possible to use interstellar travel to predict future?
  24. When do the great extraterrestrial resurrect?
  25. Can other dimensions of the universe open doors to other worldly beings?
  26. Do sacred Egyptian tombs provide crucial answers about advanced ancient aliens?
  27. Was Noah an alien?
  28. Are mystic beings connected with extraterrestrial life?
  29. Do dead people turn into aliens?
  30. Where are Extraterrestrial Origins?
  31. If Aliens do exist why aren’t they have any direct communication with humans yet?
  32. Are humans not worthy enough when compared to Alien intelligence?
  33. What is the history of world according to ancient aliens?
  34. Do NASA and PENTAGON have aliens with them? 
  35. Do some of the highly conscious humans have visions about aliens?

Questions about Aliens, UFO’s, Intelligent life and Extraterrestrial.

Here are the list of questions about aliens and Extraterrestrials which were asked by the twitter users to the Astronomer and the former director of SETI research Ms. Jill Tarter. You can find the answer for these Alien Questions as video on (source: Wired)

  1. If you found intelligent life on another planet, would you tell the public the truth or keep it secret?
  1. Extraterrestrial Etiquette: How should humanity interact with Alien Intelligence?
  1. Why do we assume ET (Extraterrestrial) uses radio to communicate? Is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)  a waste of time and millions of dollars? What do you think?
  1. The Fermi Paradox: Mathematically, the universe should be TEEMING with intelligent life. So why don’t we see extraterrestrial versions in all directions?
  1. Should NATO and the U.S. military develop planetary defense system, in case of extraterrestrial threat?
  1. Is math universal language to make contact with another intelligence, or is this just anthropocentrism?
  1. At what year do you think we will discover aliens, if ever?
  1. If aliens land on earth, you have only 5 songs to explain what music means to mankind, which songs would you choose?
  1. We assume aliens look different than us. What if their intelligence is unrecognizable? How do you give them an IQ test?
  1. Even if there is other intelligent life in the universe, is our civilization even worth contacting?
  1. Did U.S. Fighter pilots really saw a UFO?
  1. How much do we think all this recent UFO news is prepping the public for discussion of actual contact?
  1. What if we are the aliens that we seek and the earth was once populated by a much more intelligent life force, until we destroyed it?
  1. Intelligence is proportional to the number of thoughts we can simultaneously recall and hold in our mind as we explore new ideas. So, what would we look like to an alien species who could juggle 10 or 20x as many thoughts as our smartest human?
  1. Thought Experiment: If our AI could lead to an existential threat, and there may be other intelligent life in the universe, what about their AI?
  1. What is the organizing principle behind Intelligent Life?
  1. If there’s a new planet, who will own the real estate? Will NASA get into property development business?
  1. If alien exist who could be far, far older than humanity and have used similar comms tech to us, how come we’ve not heard a thing?
  1. What if the Aliens are trying to communicate but we just don’t realize it yet?
  1. Do Aliens have Belly Buttons?

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