90+ Powerful Questions about God, Creation, Universe, make you think about whole existence

90+ Powerful Questions about God, Creation, Universe, make you think about whole existence

Last updated on June 22nd, 2021 at 08:15 pm

What if we are all asking wrong questions about the universe? What if it’s not about god, creation, existence, universe or cosmos? What if it’s about just “BEING” or to “BE”?


Questions about God

List of questions about god.

  1. How is God the creator?
  2. If god exists then, is god created everything?
  3. Did god create out of nothing
  4. Is all that exists comes to exist because of god?
  5. Why did nothing but God exist forever?
  6. What does it mean to say that God is the creator?
  7. Is God the source of all reality outside himself?
  8. Apart from God, Is everything brought into being by God itself?
  9. Does everything that exists owes its being to god?
  10. Whatever is outside god, does it not exist?
  11. What is the god’s conservation of the world?
  12. Is the distinction of god important?
  13. If the world has some positive inertia in being on its own, then will it require god to blast it out of existence?
  14. Does God make the world less contingent?
  15. What if the term “GOD” itself is just an illusion?
  16. Is God independent or dependent on himself or outside of himself?
  17. How powerful is god?
  18. What diminishes God’s greatness and power?
  19. If we accept that indeed god, created the world from nothing, what do we learn from that?
  20. What is the purpose of god?
  21. Is God’s aim to divinize the world?
  22. What is the proof that God exists?
  23. What if God doesn’t exist?
  24. Is God nothing without a religion?
  25. What are the god’s own internal characteristics?
  26. How to realize God’s omnipotence?
  27. Does God need humans and other creatures to make himself exist?
  28. Is God mortal or Immortal?
  29. What if God is just a philosophical argument?
  30. What provides the ultimate evidence of the existence of God? Is it Religion or Philosophy or Spirituality or Science or any other belief?
  31. Is God closer to religion or philosophy or science or spirituality or to nothing at all?
  32. If there is a scientific beginning, does it strengthen God’s argument?
  33. How does god exist?
  34. From where God evolved?
  35. Why does God exist at all?
  36. Just being an individual, How do you think about god without any outside influence?
  37. Does calling God the creator answers the very question?
  38. Does the will of God lie behind the order of the world?
  39. If God did not allow the world to remain as being, would the world disappear?
  40. If God is a creator, who is the destructor?
  41. Is God good or bad?
  42. If God is good, then would he punish innocent lives?
  43. Is God alone?
  44. Are there multiple Gods?
  45. Is God conscious about being in existence?
  46. What is more significant than the god?
  47. Do abstract objects exist independently from god?
  48. How long been god come to existence?
  49. Why no one ever witnessed God?
  50. What makes God, “GOD”?

Questions about Creation

List of questions about creation

  1. What is science for, in the kingdom of god’s creation?
  2. Is there any origin to the creation?
  3. What is the creation?
  4. What is the initial act of creation?
  5. How significant is the doctrine of creation from nothing?
  6. Forget about creation, What is god?
  7. Is creation all about why things exist but not how they began?
  8. Is God a creator or the creation itself?
  9. Who in particular sees the universe as god’s creation?
  10. Is the question of creation Ontological?
  11. Is order of the creation is completely chaotic?
  12. How does this chaotic molecular world give rise to the ordered structures of things?
  13. How to enrich the concept of theology with the order of the creation and chaos?
  14. As a believer what can you tell about the structure of reality?
  15. If we created the conditions of the Big Bang, then how would it become the truth?
  16. Is a universe than began more consistent with a creator God?
  17. Are we so certain that God is the ultimate ground of all beings but not necessarily the specific designer of our universe’s Big Bang?

Questions about Existence

List of questions about existence

  1. Why should we pay to the attention to the existence?
  2. How did the universe comes to existence?
  3. How did the existence begin?
  4. What was before the beginning of existence?
  5. Does before the beginning even makes sense?
  6. What are the rules of logic?
  7. How real is the existence of numbers?
  8. What are abstract objects and why do they make so much sense or nothing at all?
  9. Can anything exist without any cause?
  10. Why does abstraction exist without the need of any creator?
  11. Is there a divine mind and a divine purpose underlying the whole of cosmic history and related to the whole cosmos?
  12. Is there no theological state difference between a Big Bang theology and a steady state theology?
  13. How can everything come from nothing?
  14. What is the way to find out the truth?
  15. What is everything else?
  16.  What is the modal plausibility of the existence?
  17. What if the most important question is the manifestation of existence, not the mechanism of creation?

  18. How does the existence of the universe affect one’s belief and faith?

  19. Can you prove God doesn’t exist?


Questions about Universe and cosmos

List of questions about universe and cosmos.

  1. What are the actual questions we need to ask about universe?
  2. Who is the supreme being of the universe?
  3. Is universe eternal?
  4. What is the distinction between God and the universe?
  5. Who breathes fire into the equations and gives them a universe to describe?
  6. Does the universe exist with or without the beginning?
  7. Suppose there is no beginning to the cosmos, the universe going through endless cycles, what then?
  8. Is God just sustaining the universe?
  9. Can you observe God’s involvement in the universe on a continuous basis?
  10. Why do atheists believe that the universe is eternal and uncaused and it’s just there but no god has created anything?
  11. What if there is no order to the cosmos?
  12.  Don’t the discoveries of cosmology are just precise observations and explanatory theories eliminate the need for supernatural causes? If so, why? 
  13. How can physicists believe in god?
  14.  Does cosmology replace god?
  15. What made this real universe, if not god?
  16. Is cosmology really an etiological question?
  17.  Is the universe an eternal succession of physical state?
  18. If scientists decide that there are multiple universes then would it be the great extension of Augustine’s principle of plentitude?
  19. Does the universe has infinite past?
  20. Can we apply the concept of infinity to the physical reality?
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