100+ Dog Halloween Captions (2023 Pet edition)

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By: Naveen B

As the spookiest time of the year approaches, it’s not just little goblins, ghosts, and werewolves that are getting ready to roam the streets – our furry friends are joining in on the Halloween fun too!

Whether you’re planning to dress up your canine companion for a small gathering with friends or a neighborhood shindig, one thing’s for sure – you’ll want to capture every adorable moment and share them on Instagram.

And what’s a perfect Instagram post without a clever Halloween caption?

Just like in our previous post, we’ve compiled over 100 dog Halloween captions that are funny, cute, and downright bone-chilling to ensure your social media photos are a hit this Halloween season.


100+ Dog halloween captions

The following is a list of dog halloween captions for different halloween themes:

1. “Bewitching the neighborhood one bark at a time. ?‍♀️? #WitchyWoof”

2. “Fur-ocious and ready to howl-o-ween! ?? #FurryFrights”

3. “Paws and potions, it’s a Halloween commotion! ?? #PawsAndPotions”

4. “Barking up a spooktacular night! ??? #SpookyPup”

5. “Mummy’s little monster is ready to trick-or-treat! ?? #MummyPup”

6. “It’s a dog-gone good Halloween night! ?? #HalloweenHound”

7. “Pawsitively bewitched by the Halloween spirit. ?? #PawsitiveSpirits”

8. “Werewolf mode: Activated! ?? #Howloween”

9. “No tricks, just treats for this adorable pup! ?? #TreatsOnly”

10. “Fetching some Halloween fun! ?? #FetchOrTreat”


11. “The cutest pumpkin in the patch! ?? #PumpkinPup”

12. “Fangs and frisky, it’s a spooktacular night! ?? #FangtasticFido”

13. “Beware of the doggone cuteness! ?? #BewareTheFluff”

14. “This pup’s costume is off the leash! ?? #OffTheLeash”

15. “Witch better have my candy! ?? #WitchPlease”

16. “Halloween: A pawsitively spooky time of year! ?? #PawsAndPumpkins”

17. “Bark or treat! ?? #BarkOrTreat”

18. “The fur-midable Halloween superhero! ?‍♂️? #SuperPup”

19. “Spooktacular adventures with my furry friend. ??? #FurryAdventures”

20. “Creeping it real with my canine companion. ?? #CreepinItReal”


21. “This pup is a howling good time! ?? #HowlingGoodTime”

22. “Wagging tails and witchy spells! ?? #WaggingWitches”

23. “Paws, pumpkins, and everything nice. ?? #PawsAndPumpkins”

24. “Ready to fetch some spooky fun! ?? #FetchAndFrights”

25. “Candy corn and canine cuddles. ?? #CandyCornCuddles”

26. “The wizard behind the wagginess! ⚡?? #WizardWag”

27. “Barking up the haunted tree! ??? #HauntedHound”

28. “Fangs for the memories! ?‍♂️? #FangsForMemories”

29. “Unleash the Halloween hound! ?? #UnleashTheHound”

30. “Trick or treat, smell my paws! ?? #TrickOrPaws”

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Short Happy Halloween dog captions

Some of the adorable and very short happy halloween dog captions in the cute halloween costume:

1. Happy Howl-oween!

2. Yappy Halloween!

3. “Pug-o-Lantern”

4. “Fur-BOO-lous in my costume!”

5. “Pawsitively adorable!”

6. “Fanging out this Halloween!”

7. “Dog-o-licious costume!”

8. “Pugtastic pumpkin!”

9. “Howling for Halloween treats!”

10. “Boo-tiful Halloween pup!”


11. “Happy Halloween fur-iends!”

12. “Paw-sitively bewitching ??”

13. “Witch way to the treats?”

14. “Barking up the spooky tree ??”

15. “I’m here for the BOOS ?”

16. “Trick or Treat, Smell my Paws ??”

17. “Candy corn-dog ??”

18. “Paws and cauldrons ??”

19. “Howl-oween cuteness overload ?”

20. “Wag or treat! ??”


21. “Fangs for the treats! ??”

22. “Creepin’ it real ??”

23. “Boo-tiful and I know it ??‍♂️”

24. “Pumpkin spice and everything nice ??”

25. “I’m just here for the howl-oween candy ??”

26. “Ready to spook and woof! ??”

27. “Bark or treat! ??”

28. “My costume is creepin’ it real ??‍♂️”

29. “Ghouls just wanna have fun ??”

30. “I’m the cutest pumpkin in the patch! ??”

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Funny dog halloween instagram captions

Here are some funny halloween dog captions for instagram:

1. “Bark or treat!”

2. “Witch way to the treats?”

3. “Fur-ocious and fabulous!”

4. “Paw-ty animal on the loose!”

5. “I’m just here for the boos.”

6. “Creepin’ it real with my pupkin!”

7. “Wiggle, wag, and witchcraft!”

8. “Franken-pup is alive and well!”

9. “Barking up the spooky tree.”

10. “Ready to howl-oween!”

11. “Pawsitively bewitching!”

12. “Feeling gourd-geous in my costume!”

13. “Trick or treat, smell my paws!”

14. “Wagging my way through the night.”

15. “My costume is scarily cute!”

16. “Just a pupkin spice latte in disguise.”

17. “Bone-appetit for all!”

18. “I’m the ghostest with the mostest!”

19. “Time to get my zombie zoomies on!”

20. “Boo-tylicious and ready to spook!”

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Cute dog halloween captions

List of cute halloween captions for dogs include:

1. “Just a dog in disguise, but don’t tell anyone!”

2. “Beware of the bark in the night!”

3. “Fright night with my furry friend!”

4. “Our costumes are pawsitively spooktacular.”

5. “A howling good time awaits!”

6. “Witch way to the bone bag?”

7. “I’m here for the boos… and bones!”

8. “Furr-ocious and ready to party!”

9. “Trick or treat, smell my paws!”

10. “Who let the dogs out… in costumes?”

11. “No hiding from these adorable monsters!”

12. “Costume pup-arazzi on the loose!”

13. “Prepare for the cuteness overload!”

14. “No tricks, just treats and tail wags!”

15. “This costume is fetching all the attention!”

16. “Beware: These costumes can melt hearts.”

17. “Beware the howl of the werewolf pup!”

18. “A ghostly good time with my boo-dog!”

19. “Vampire or pupper? You decide!”

20. “Fangs for the memories, Halloween!”

21. “My costume’s so fetch!”

22. “Witch better have my treats!”

23. “I’m a howl-oween sensation!”

24. “I’m a pug-kin spice latte enthusiast.”

25. “Caution: Cute dog ahead!”

26. “I’m the pumpkin king (or queen) of Halloween!”

27. “Fur-tunately, I’m not a real ghost!”

28. “My costume is a real thriller!”

29. “Paws and claws for alarm!”

30. “I’m not a werewolf, just a were-paw!”

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So, whether your dog is donning a cute costume, looking spooky, or simply enjoying the Halloween festivities, these captions will add that extra flair to your Instagram and social media pictures.

Don’t forget to tag us in your adorable doggy Halloween posts – we can’t wait to see your furry friends joining in on the Halloween fun!

Have a howling good time, and remember, every dog has its day – especially on Halloween! ?? #DoggyBoosAndGhouls

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