100 Questions to ask yourself before dating and falling in love with someone new

By: Naveen B

Love can be exciting, but dating can sometimes be nerve-wracking if you’re not prepared for it. 

Even more so if you’re ready to commit to a partner! To make sure you and your partner are on the same page, you should consider some questions to ask yourself before dating.

Not only will this ensure what you want from your relationship, but it will also help both of you get to know each other better and create the foundation for a healthy relationship that can stand the test of time.

Here are 100 questions to ask yourself before dating will help you figure out, as well as how to make sure the person you’re dating isn’t going to get in the way of that plan.

100 Questions to ask yourself before dating


Here is a list of questions to ask yourself before dating:

1. Do I have clarity in my life?

2. Do I know what type of person I want to spend the rest of my life with?

3. Does the person I am going to date make any serious efforts to understand me completely? 4. How to know we are perfect for each other?

5. Am I excited to spend the rest of my life with this person? 

6. Am I ready for heartbreaks and any negative consequences?

7. What are the lessons I learned from my previous relationships? And How to not repeat the same mistakes?

8. Am I emotionally available for someone?

9. Am I looking for a casual relationship or a serious one?

10. Am I ready for a committed relationship?

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11. Shall I go for intuitive love or arranged marriage?

12. Do my family members support me if I prefer love marriage? 

13. Why do I want to get into a relationship in the first place?

14. Do I still believe in the institution of marriage?

15. Are there any deal breakers that would prevent me from having a successful long-term relationship with them (e.g., infidelity)?

16. Does this person excite me emotionally and intellectually?

17. Do I see a future with him/her?

18. Would I rather stay single than be in an unhappy relationship?

19. Would it bother me if I found out that my partner has been unfaithful or dishonest with me even though he/she promises never to repeat his/her mistakes again?

20. Am I willing to change some things about myself if necessary for this relationship?

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Deep Questions to ask yourself before dating someone


The following are some of the deep questions to ask yourself before dating someone:

21. Shall I wait for the perfect encounter or initiate a conversation with someone I like?

22. Shall I postpone my advances to date someone until I completely settle in my life?

23. What does love mean to me?

24. Do I feel lonely or am I really ready?

25. Am I independent and in a position to support myself?

26. Can I be honest about who I am, who they are, and where we stand?

27. Can I trust that they will not hurt me?

28. Is this person good enough for me?

29. How many potential partners do I need to find out who is the best fit for me?

30. How shall I communicate my needs and desires so that he/she knows how to make it work for us both, without fear of rejection from either side?

31. Am I happy with my appearance and do I take care of myself?

32. Am I confident in being single?

33. Does this person share the same values as mine in life?

34. Is he/she someone I can grow old with and love unconditionally throughout our lifetime together?

35. What if our both personalities don’t align?

36. Is he/she worth all the risks involved?

37. Will I be content with just one other person by my side for the rest of my life?

38. Will I be able to give up certain freedoms or luxuries that may come at the expense of spending time with this person?

39. Will I be able to face any challenges and problems that arise between us in order to maintain the happiness we have created thus far?

40. Am I financially settled?

Important questions to ask yourself before dating a guy or a girl you like

Here is a list of important questions to ask yourself before dating again a girl or a guy you like:

41. Do I love myself?

42. Can we balance each other’s weaknesses and strengths?

43. Will we work well together as a team to achieve goals?

44. Will he/she allow me to explore different avenues of life without feeling threatened?

45. Is this person capable of making sacrifices and compromises when needed?

46. Do I feel respected by him/her?

47. Will this person treat me with love, respect, honesty, and kindness no matter what happens in the future?

48. Have I healed from my past trauma?

49. Am I completely over my ex?

50. Do I understand the meaning of love?

Questions to ask yourself before committing to someone


These are some questions to ask yourself before committing to someone:

51. Am I too attached to my first love?

52. Am I selfless or selfish?

53. Will this person challenge me to become a better person?

54. Will I be secure in my relationship with this person?

55. Am I sexually attracted to this person and vice versa?

56. Do we share the same vision for our lives, family, and the world in general?

57. Do I want to be a parent someday?

58. Is he/she the one for me?

59. Am I in love with this person?

60. Can we talk about anything and everything, and not have awkward silences?

61. Do I think that he/she deserves me?

62. Will we be a good match and compatible with each other?

63. Do I know what I’m getting myself into?

64. Is this person the type of person I would be proud to introduce to my friends and family?

65. Do I like their taste in music, movies, food, etc.?

66. Am I mature enough for a serious relationship?

67. Will he/she be proud of me?

68. Do we click on a personal level?

69. Is this person really interested in me for who I am?

70. Do I enjoy being around this person and look forward to seeing him/her often?

Questions to ask yourself before falling in love


The following is a list of questions to ask yourself before falling in love:

71. Is this person narcissist or empathetic?

72. Am I confident that he/she will be loyal to me?

73. Will I be able to forgive him/her for mistakes he/she might make in the future?

74. Is this person worthy of my trust?

75. Do I love her/him with my whole heart and soul, body, mind, and strength?

76. Do I believe in true love?

77. Do I want to be with this person forever?

78. Does he/she complete me?

79. Will this person be my best friend and lover?

80. Do I see myself having children with this person?

81. Do I see myself marrying this person?

82. Do I believe that our values and priorities are aligned?

83. Will this person always be there for me when I need them most?

84. Do I miss this person more than anyone else in my life right now?


Questions to ask yourself when dating someone new

Here is a list of serious questions to ask yourself when dating someone new:

85. Does the person I love get along with my family?

86. Do my family members like the person I love?

87. How does he/she deal with conflict?

88. What is his/her opinion on infidelity?

89. What is his/her opinion on premarital sex?

90. How does he/she handle difficult situations in life?

91. How do I feel about the way he/she dresses himself/herself up and puts effort into how they look every day because of me?

92. Am I jealous of his/her time with other people?

93. Do I find myself trying to change this person in any way?

94. Would my family approve of him/her as my partner for life?

95. Am I constantly looking out for myself instead of thinking about the needs and feelings of others (including this person)?

96. Have I seen him/her act lovingly towards another person?

97. Does this person put their own wants aside so that they can make sure mine are met?

98. Has he/she ever done something kind for me without expecting anything in return?

99. Is he/she willing to be committed and dedicated to making us work no matter what obstacles come our way?

100. How to make our relationship successful?

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