How to live simple life when you are miserable?

By: Naveen B

How to live simple life and be happy?

There are no secrets to live a simple life and happy life. Because the mystery to all of our problems lies in, “Ignorance.” 

Most often one’s incapable of understanding the world as the way it is leads to endless suffering. 

We humans are simple creatures yet evolved into much more complicated beings. Since the universe is occupied with infinite possibilities of survival opportunities. 

For the time being, we put more efforts into sharpening the ability to think, such that the complexity of life also evolved with the state of our minds. 

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The more choices we have, the more difficult it has become to follow our journey of uncertainty. 

However, it is an individual’s choice to pursue one’s own imagination to fulfill their desires.

Nevertheless, the most successful approach to live a profound life is by limiting one’s focus to one significant idea.

To choose lifetime freedom and that holds in simple things when we draw our attention to it, then we will be realized how worthy the life we have.

So, The best way to balance such miserable life is by living simple life.

9 Tips on living simple life.


If your only goal is how to live a simple and happy life, let’s make our life more authentic and peaceful by practicing these practical simple life habits:

1. Put efforts into self-realization, so that you will become more conscious enough to make better decisions in life.

Achieving self-realization is the end of most of the psychological issues we created in our heads.

If you are struggling with how to live a simple life, then the most simple solution lies in the awareness of your own thoughts. Knowing who you are removes most of the burden from your heart, mind, and soul.

And guide you to become more conscious enough to make better decisions in life.

2. Understand your core values and the surrounding environment to walk a long line of life.

Living simple life often connects with one’s core values, desires, and ambitions which you want to achieve in life. Bring some rest to your thoughts, reflect inside and understand what really you want in life.

What do you believe in? What do you aspire to? What makes you happy? Once you have gathered your thoughts, then make them resonate with the surrounding environment or with the people whom you chose to stay with. This is a simple life hack for a happy life.

3. Remove all the unnecessary images and develop the right kind of communication to be in reality. 

The major reason for a miserable life is one’s negativity and no vision for a bright future. If your goal is really living a simple life, then put an end to your fears, negative talks, anxieties, and all the unnecessary thoughts of uncertainty.

Develop the right kind of communication with yourself to live in reality. You become what you believe in period.

4. Think of the past, and focus on the present life by visualizing the future with achievable actions.

If you had a sad past life then think of it in a good way to realize what experiences made you who you are today.

What lessons have you learned from the events that broke you? Analyze them clearly and connect them with the present situations to achieve your desired aims through smart actions.

5. Choose solitude and alone life for everlasting peace.

Do not be afraid to stay single. Dare to be alone. That’s where you truly discover your potential.

Most of your life’s most important purpose which makes you feel and keep you alive irrespective of any difficulties.

Quite your mind, be calm with your situations so that solitude will find your inner peace and help you to live a simple and happy life.

6. Be committed with absolute sincerity and honesty to live a true life.

There is a direct correlation between thoughts and actions.

If your goal is really living a simple life, then you should be committed to your goals, be honest with yourself, and maintain absolute sincerity to live a true life.

Living a righteous truthful life is almost equal to living a simple life.

7. Expect nothing from anyone and be contented with your wisdom.

Something which hinders one happiness is seeking constant attention to everything that doesn’t concerned with your growth. Put an end to all the social media noise or the fake show-off celebrity life.

Just be contented with your wisdom by expecting nothing from anyone. Living simple life begins with embracing your being.

So, be in your moments of blissfulness and start living the dream of your life.

8. Distract yourself from your thoughts and start living in moments.

Every thought you are thinking right now costs your whole life. If you want to save your lifetime, distract yourself from your thoughts and get into your moments.

Happy and living a simple life doesn’t come with constant seeking but living in the moments with every unconscious or conscious thought. Are you still thinking about how to live simple life?

By now you should have realized what it takes to be really a human. Start living now. If you miss this moment you will never have.

9. Help others who are genuinely in need of humanity.

In this generation, Something that lacking is seriously morals, ethics, and most importantly empathy. Everyone is hurrying and running after everything by forgetting the single most of our existence – that is to be a true human.

If you observe, the rare number of people who lives a simple life happily and contented are those who know how to give and share what others need.

Start giving what you have to help others that will truly reflect in your health, wealth, and the practice of simple living.

Quotes on living a simple life

Simply, life is all about realization. Organizing one’s own thoughts, truly in conscious awareness of his own acts, executing his instincts and breathe effortlessly to love and be loved.

– Naveen Bommakanti

Out of all the essential aspects of life, the moral philosophy is to ‘breathe’.

– Naveen Bommakanti

What we do when the very fact that each one’s goal is to live a peaceful life with stable survival instincts. To understand it in a simple way is by not stretching that sort of thought too much.

Just realize that when the moment you change your way of thinking most of the issues you feel get less focused and exhibits freedom.
We also need to accept that life is better the way it is and everything is part of it by living a simple life.

However, we have the choice to make our core values and the purpose of living on this planet. Misery is not a choice, it is just a mindset. So change it.

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