How Living a miserable life can be changed only if one chooses a simple life?

How Living a miserable life can be changed only if one chooses a simple life?

Last updated on August 23rd, 2020 at 03:57 am

To live a simple life there is no secret because the mystery to all of our problems in life especially for love is, “Ignorance.” Most often one’s incapable of understanding the world as the way it is, one’s incompetent to realize the life and everything that involved with the existence are the roots of eternal pain.
We, humans, are simple and complex but evolved into much more complicated beings. Since the universe is occupied with infinite possibilities of survival opportunities.
For the time being, the man put more efforts into sharpening his ability to think, the complexity of life also evolved with the state of his mind.
The more choices we have, the more difficult the life’s journey to achieve the destiny.  However, it is an individual’s choice to pursue one’s own imagination to fulfil their desires.
Nevertheless, the most successful approach to live a profound life is by limiting one’s focus to one significant idea. To choose lifetime freedom and that holds in simple things when we draw our attention to it then we will be realized how worthy the life we have!

Balance the Miserable life with a simple life.

Our entire life is the union of pain, misery, hardships, little happiness and a whole pack of everything which makes our life more complicated to understand for what we are striving?, for what reason we are doing? What we do when the very fact that each one’s goal is to live a peaceful life with stable survival instincts.
To understand it in a simple way is by not stretching that sort of thoughts too much. Just realize that when the moment you change your way of thinking most of the issues you feel get less focused and exhibits freedom.
We also need to accept that life is better the way as it is and everything is part of it. However, we have the choice to make our core values and the purpose of being living on this planet. Misery is not a choice, it is just a mindset. So change it.

Living a miserable life can be changed only if one chooses to live a simple life.

Let’s make our life more authentic and peaceful days by practicing these practical life skills.

  1. Put efforts to self realize so that you will become more conscious. Later wisdom will follow you.

2. Understand your core values and the surrounding environment to walk a long line of life.

3. Feel people’s motives then act according to the situation and let go if one fails to achieve the truth.

4. Remove all the unnecessary images and develop the right kind of communication to be in reality. 

5. Think of the past, focus on the present life by visualizing the future with achievable actions.

6. Choose the solitary and solo life for everlasting peace.

7. Be committed with absolute sincerity and honesty to live a true life.

These are a few simple life habits which eliminate one’s misery and focus on the basics of existence.

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