What should I do with my life? Find your why with these self-assessment tools and tips

If you are genuinely struggling with one of life’s most intimate questions – “What should I do with my life?” Then, my simple answer for that is “complicated.”

Yes! If it was easy, you would have figured it out by now. And I wouldn’t have taken one or two days to think of the best possible solution to help you out.

Perhaps not just one day or two, I have been preparing for this answer my whole life. Yet, I have not come to a definite conclusion, not even any closer. So, do you – As we’re all.

Every one of us is on a similar journey called “Life” with different paths, struggling to reach the same destiny.

In this journey of life, every one of us is on different levels – a few are a little ahead of us and a few are behind.

Though how much they think they are ahead of us, there’s not much difference except for a very rare few individuals because of their intellectual endeavors.

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The reason some of us discovered the so-called “Purpose” earlier than others is just because of their,

  • Intelligence.
  • Conscientiousness.
  • Consciousness and self-awareness.
  • Choices.
  • Efforts.

That’s it. That’s the formula for success. There are no such secrets or magic or luck as far as my observation. (Though situation matters)

Being said that, If you think those 5 terms can be achieved as easily as I just said, then you are completely out of track.

If you wish to achieve such a state, an incredible amount of self-work will be required day and night. That’s another level of passion for one’s vision.

This life is pretty much enough to create miracles out of the dust.

Naveen Bommakanti.

That said, as I earlier mentioned, the answer to “what should I do for a living?” is complicated.

It is simply because you can do anything and everything with your life. The whole universe is open for you if you have the passion to do whatever it takes for everything you dream of.

You can become everything if you have the time, energy, and patience. Success demands efforts as simple as that.

However, life is uncertain.

Although we have every opportunity and endless possibilities to become everything and realize what to do with life.

The main point here is, that we’re all mortal beings. We have very limited time to access the resources and make use of the fullest potential we are inherited with. That’s why life is complicated.

But that should not stop you from chasing your dreams. This life is pretty much enough to create miracles out of the dust.

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Wherever you are now if you are not convinced of what to do with your life?

If not satisfied with your life’s purpose, you have every chance to alter the direction of your life and do what truly matters to you.

Never measure your life’s success by the amount of money in your bank account. Always and forever it would be appropriate and fair for your health if you are satisfied with how contented you are inside.

Money is just the reward for your inspiring traits as a human.

Just focus on becoming a good human. If your efforts gather the necessary wealth of wisdom. It would surely lead you to earn any richness you wish for in life. Hope that helps.

Hold on! Don’t be stressed. If you feel discouraged and lost, let me remind you of one important thing,

No one stuck in life, everyone is moving forward. Irrespective of the destiny, we’re all evolving, no matter what pace we are in.

Naveen Bommakanti.


If that made sense and helped you to gather your intelligence, then let’s enter into the next level of awareness and discuss, how to figure out what you are good at.

What should I do for a career?

What a life it is! With each waking hour, we have too many reasons to feel fully alive if we are aware of the status of our existence.

Out of all those, we consider, there are three things that inspire us to move forward – Past, present, and future. It’s important to make these 3 times align with each other.

Because the past is the reason why we are here for who we are now. The present is the reason, for what we are grateful to be. And future is the reason for what we look up to with what we have gathered.

Knowing where you are coming from helps you to realize your interests, your dislikes, and what you are innate gifts you often ignore.


Hobbies become habits, habits become interests, interests become dreams and dreams become passions.

So never ever underestimate the power of your hobbies. They are you are daily rituals that will become your lifelong assets to flourish.

If you think your hobbies are not that worthy or useful to people, then think of the times when your friends or beloveds admire you more for what actions of yours truly impacted them positively.

So that you can make use of that insights to do something with your life and create a career for yourself.

For more awareness, you need to know your why.


How to find your why?

Finding your why helps you to figure out what to do with your life in a more efficient way.

As far as I am concerned – The scariest thing is a person with no dreams. Who has no idea where he is heading?

Because goals are the primary source of inspiration that makes one keep on track and inspire one to move forward.

Life gets pretty hard when there is no satisfaction or not knowing what you are doing with your life.

That’s a terrible way of living when there is no progress in one’s actions especially the feeling of void and unworthiness.

I get it. If you have come to the stage where you begin to question your existence –  “What should I do with my life?”

Wow! That’s truly a transformational and powerful question. And desire to do something with your life that creating a meaning to your life.

While there is the same level of fire in you, seek your meaning as soon as possible before you lack self-confidence. Never give up your search until you get your answer.

There are very less and rare people in the world who go after what they truly dream. Rest, convince themselves of the lies, and become comfortable with uncomfortable. Though it helps, but not in this particular case. Know your why before it’s too late.

9 Effective ways to find your why

These tips to find your why help you to figure out your question, what should I do with my life? Follow them with utmost attention.

1. Reflecting inside to gain clarity:

Using your intuition and innate intelligence, you can access the deepest self of yours which is lurking underneath your fears, doubts and insecurities, and ignorance.

So, take time to free yourself from the busy world and reflect inwards to find your why if you are truly passionate about changing your life forever.

2. Self-evaluation questions:

Ask questions that you are most fascinated about. Remind your childhood curiosity and Begin to recall what you loved and dreamed of.

Be specific about your questions. Write down your dreams and desires and aspirations, use your intellectual mind often until you know your why. Later, choose the best out of them and start working.

3. Self-assessment tools:

There are many self-assessment tools available online related to what should I do with my life quiz and free career aptitude test. Most of them are free to access.

 For the first time when I have taken what is my passion quiz, I discovered the power of self-assessment tools, they really helped me to understand more about myself.

 I really suggest you, you must try taking a free aptitude test. These quizzes can help you find your life purpose. If you want the best self-assessment tools and apps which did work for me, I will write them down. You can check.

4. Reading books on career and personal development:

Books are a great way to discover your true self. Reading stimulates your brain, enhances your imagination, and helps you to create a surreal world inside your head.

With such influence reading books, watching educational content, or listening to music will definitely do wonders and ideas will flow naturally.

 While reading if at least one idea strikes your mind that can be a game-changing business or novel idea or a story that can impact millions of people.

Who knows you can become the next Elon Musk, once that passion ignites your soul.

Therefore, make use of your time consciously to do great things with your life.

5. Find any job until the idea strikes:

If you really feel stuck to figure out what to do with your life, find any normal job which you think would be appropriate. Just for temporary only to support yourself.

Meanwhile, you can do research about the most exciting things until you stumble upon something that draws you in with a positive output vibe.

Sometimes unexpectedly you may encounter a person who is having similar tastes and comes with a great idea that influences and help you to discover your why.

Life is uncertain. Most often unexpectedly a single meeting changes a life completely.

6. Taking risks and doing something bold:

Most of us are pretty aware of what we are passionate about, and we know what we want from our life.

But something that holds us back from chasing our dreams is our fears, insecurities, and lack of self-confidence.

However, that should not be the case, if you want to create something out of your life.

It’s now or never. Be in that mindset and take risks now and do something bold, you will never regret it even if you know nothing about what you are doing.

 The main thing is things will clear by themselves once you enter into the battle. Your why is your life.

Just make use of it no matter what the results may be. That’s worth the living rather than fear of living and being full of regrets.

7. Living with a free mind:

Nothing works if you hit your head with your pseudo fears, never ending negative thoughts, and evil nightmares.

You need to learn to allow life freely into yourself.  Ideas flow when you do not take life for granted and just enjoy whatever work you are doing now. Most often life happens to us very quickly after long suffering.

 Therefore, choose your suffering consciously until you find your why by living with a free mind.

8. Reach out to the people to find your why.

Do you have at least one person in your life whom you trust completely? If “Yes” then arrange a long talk with a deep conversation on the philosophy of life, love, dreams, destiny, passion, and purpose.

If the person is healthy-minded, be open and ask the deepest questions about life which ever thought of and have a beautiful healthy debate if possible.

Trust me this works to know your why. Because after such intimate conversion you will realize most of the things which you never paid attention to yourself until now. 

Just write down all things which you discovered about yourself in that process and work on them.

If you do not have any such person in your life, then connect with people or normal friends, just observe for what purpose they are seeking you and How you might be helpful to them. then you can notice what you are good at in life.

Often as per human psychology, we pay too much attention to the good and bad traits of others rather than discovering life inside us.

So, That’s how people will be innately drawn to the attributes of others. So, you can make use of that to find your why.

9. Try everything you think is possible and fail hard:

 If you want to do something with life, try everything you think is possible in your imagination.

Do as many mistakes as you can. Fail as much as possible. Just try and fail hard. Out of all that you tried one thing will make you realize to find your why.

Remember, There are no mistakes in life there are only choices. With each choice either we have to pay for everything we have or sacrifice something truly heartbreaking.

There are no excuses in life if you want to achieve greatness and seek freedom. There is only one way -“Moving Forward.” So, Never Giving UP.

That’s the beauty of efforts and the reward of labor which will pay off for sure forever. So be prepared without any expectations.


10 Self-assessment questions ask yourself to find your life purpose as a career.

These self-assessment questions are very powerful to evaluate yourself and can be practically applied. Ask Yourself:

  • Who am I meant to be?
  • What are my childhood most fascinating dreams?
  • What are my interests and hobbies, which I enjoyed doing for my whole life, and out of them, which top 5 can truly I love and monetize for a living?
  • Which topic ignites the fire in me so that I can talk intuitively forever without seeking anyone’s help but provides almost accurate insights?
  • What I am most afraid of?
  • What is the most powerful strength that brings confidence in me and also brings the best in me?
  • What makes me vulnerable at the same time makes me feel alive?
  • At which field do I fail most often, what lessons do I learn from them, and can I make use of my failures as a business to help others with effective solutions from my experience?
  • What job I can do without any pay, but fulfills my soul by working without any break?
  • What is the voice in my head that always suggests and gives hints, but I ignore?

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