9 Stages of friends with benefits

By: Naveen B

Friends with benefits relationships often begin as uncomplicated hookups that are based on physical attraction, s#xual desire and friendship.

In some cases, people who enter a friends-with-benefits relationship don’t want a romantic relationship; in other cases, one person does but not both. All these considered as different stages of friends with benefits.

Some couples go from being just friends to being boyfriend and girlfriend and back again many times. Friends with benefits relationships can be healthy when both partners fully understand that it is just casual s#x without commitment or expectations.

Only time will tell whether these two will really remain only friends or if they’ll become something more meaningful and long-lasting either way, they seem happy with their arrangement! 

According to studies, somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of men and between 10 and 30 percent of women have had a friend with benefits at least once. Many people say there are distinct stages of friends with benefits relationships seem to follow:

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Stages of Friends with benefits

friends with benefits stages 9 Stages of friends with benefits

1. Hooking up – casual s#x

This is where it all begins; hooking up gets things going when it comes to FWB’s. When you first start hooking up, both parties will feel like they’re in control and won’t develop any emotional attachments.

Remember that as long as you remain happy about what you’re doing, then both of you are good.

But if either one of you do develop feelings for each other then a change in your friendship may be required.

I’d suggest ending things now before feelings become too attached, but some guys and girls can work around their emotions.

2. Relationship transition

FWBs transition into serious relationships. As time goes on there is a chance that emotions might play a bigger role between you two.

But don’t worry about it yet because more than likely those feelings will go away by themselves! Always make sure to talk openly and honestly with each other so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

If those feelings don’t go away after awhile then consider seeing a couples counselor or something, if needed

3. Relationship Maintenance

Well-maintained relationships are successful over time and partners keep looking out for ways to make sure that their love stays strong no matter what life throws at them.

Take care of yourself physically by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, but also nurture your mind by surrounding yourself with positive people who support you wherever possible. 

At times it’s helpful to have alone time together just to reconnect as a couple and remember why you’re together today! Maintaining your relationship shouldn’t take forever; just make sure that you treat each other right and always put thought into your actions.

4. Breakup

Breakups only happen when one partner realizes that things need to end somehow…If he/she really cares about you then he/she should leave without causing drama or getting jealous on purpose just so he/she can hurt you.

Whatever happens, try not to hate him/her afterwards even though everything hurts now; everybody makes mistakes sometimes especially when it comes to relationships

 5. Healing

The healing stage is hard! There are many questions to answer while trying to figure out what went wrong, how you feel, and figuring out whether or not you’ll ever get over it.

Honestly I think that most people never get past heartbreak; it becomes part of our character in a way.

6. Moving forward

It takes strength to move on from such an experience, but eventually people learn how to overcome heartache and focus on fulfilling their needs from somewhere else.

Finding someone new isn’t easy especially since exes seem to pop up unexpectedly from time-to-time.

However true happiness must come from within which means being able to deal with anything life throws at you while being truly grateful for having experienced such a deep connection once upon a time.

7. Helping a friend in a Friends with Benefits relationship

You know your friend better than anyone; however, you’re still in a bind when it comes to helping your buddy out.

Ask him/her out on a date and listen as he/she talks about his/her feelings and what’s happening with his/her family and friends.

Remember that we are all human and make mistakes! If he/she still doesn’t realize what she did was wrong then maybe you should get a female friend to help?

8. Love in a Friends with benefits relationship

Love is a complicated thing and can’t just happen whenever or wherever it pleases…Love requires you to build trust, respect, and kindness towards one another; furthermore, your ability to go outside of your comfort zone when needed is essential.

If you ask him/her out on a regular basis then he/she will begin to expect it; therefore I recommend that you surprise him/her with romantic gestures instead.

9. Friends with benefits relationship don’t last forever or turns into a committed life long relationship

Although friends with benefits relationships don’t tend to last forever, there are things that can help your chances of staying together! For starters, make sure that you’re both attracted enough to one another so that he/she would choose you above other people.

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, two people can be s#xual with each other and also have a deep friendship that is nothing like what they experience in their romantic relationships. This form of a close friendship can keep them from feeling lonely and needy for more than just s#x.

It’s basically about keeping things simple, honest and fun! There’s no reason why being involved in an FWB situation should feel complicated! If it does you may want to re-evaluate your situation as it may be getting too complicated for your liking.

Friends are always there for us when we need them most so having one who offers s#x on top of that is pretty much amazing… or so they say. Before jumping into anything too serious consider what you expect out of your friend-with-benefits relationship first.

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