100 Questions for couples (Funny, intimate and thought provoking)

Couples who communicate well are happier and more fulfilled than couples who don’t.

We’ve all heard that communication is important in relationships, but it can be easy to let slip in our busy lives as we juggle jobs, kids, social events, and errands.

Whether you’re newly dating or have been married for years, it’s important to stay in tune with each other and communicate effectively.

These 100 questions for couples are thought-provoking, funny, and very intimate which will spark conversation and connection between you and your partner, strengthening your relationship and helping you to make your marriage stronger than ever before.

100 Questions for couples


Here is a list of 100 Questions for couples that deepen your connection:

1. Which animal do you think is my spirit animal? 

It might seem funny or spontaneous, but things like this will get you both involved in a fun, playful talk.

It’ll be interesting how each of you views together as part of the animal kingdom and her justifications for it. 

2. What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought? 

Spending money on luxuries may not always be the best idea, but where you spend money can be a good indicator of your priorities and how each of you manage your finances.

3. What was your first impression of me?

A surprisingly insightful question, this could either reveal what they see in you or what they’re looking for.

4. What’s your favorite band/song/book?

No matter what the answer is, there’s a pretty good chance that one or both of you have some connection with that particular artist or writer and are bound to find some common ground through them.

5. How would you rate yourself on a scale from one to ten in terms of s#xual desirability?

The more honest you are about your strengths and weaknesses s#xually, the more understanding she’ll be when those areas need improvement.

6. If you had three wishes what would they be?

People can often surprise themselves with their answers to these kinds of hypotheticals so don’t be afraid to probe deeper if he/she seems hesitant at first.

7. If I told you I was leaving would you stop me?

This may sound like an odd way to start off a conversation, but it actually gets down to important matters such as trust and commitment.

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8. What are some things that make you happy?

One of the most important things to know about someone else is what brings them joy in life; yet it’s also something we too often take for granted and assume we know because they do all sorts of happy things every day.

9. If you could change something about yourself what would it be?

There ‘s nothing wrong with feeling self-conscious about certain parts of your body, but let’s be real – no one’s perfect.

10. Why did we meet?

Who knows what exactly led to this moment and why you were drawn to each other (maybe it was destiny), but just thinking back on it could lead to another favorite discussion topic: what would’ve happened if?

11. If you won the lottery what would you do with all that money?

You and your partner might be coming from very different perspectives here, but it’s crucial to understand the perspective of the other.

For example, what if you won the lottery and had to think about quitting your job? or what if you won the lottery and already had a lot of debt?

These scenarios show how much planning needs to go into even talking about winning the lottery, never mind making decisions.

12. How long will you remember me, if I suddenly disappear?

The better you are about communicating your thoughts and feelings , the more empathy you’ll get in return and less likely to develop misunderstandings.

13. What are your thoughts about marriage?

Marriage is a huge deal, and it’s natural to be curious about each other’s opinions on it.

14. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A little digging may turn up some surprising similarities that weren’t apparent before, or maybe one of you wanted to grow up to be the president and the other wanted to be a ballet dancer. 

15. What do you feel when you look exactly into my eyes?

This is a good time to get comfortable and really take a deep breath, this is intimate and you can tell each other how you really feel.

16. What are your thoughts on love?

Love can be one of the most complicated things in the world, but if you two are willing to open up about it, it could be one of the easiest as well.

17. What is your idea of an ideal partner?

The more we know about what each other wants in a partner, the easier it’ll be to figure out if you’re compatible.

18. What is your idea of an ideal relationship?

This is a big one, and can be tricky to talk about without one or both of you feeling a bit vulnerable.

19. How does being in love make you feel?

Sometimes it’s difficult to put your thoughts and feelings into words, but the more you do it, the easier it’ll be.

20. What are your plans on having children and raising them?

This is a subject that a lot of people have strong opinions about, and it’s important to know where the other person stands.

Thought provoking questions for couples


Here is a list, that is the part of 100 thought provoking questions for couples:

21. Who is the most important person in your life?

22. When did you start feeling that I am the one for you?

23. Why are we born together to complete each other’s lives?

24. Is this world a cruel place or does it just need love and understanding to give meaning to everything around us?

25. If you were to die today, would you be happy with how things turned out?

26. If someone came up to me tomorrow and told me that I would never see you again, what would be my first reaction?

27. Would you let go of this world more easily if I was not in it anymore?

28. What would happen if we both disappeared at the same time?

29. What have you always wanted to tell me but couldn’t find the right words?

30. How much time do you want to spend with me every day and night?

31. If I wake up tomorrow as a different person, who will still recognize me as your spouse?

32. Am I too clingy and insecure or too demanding or critical towards you because of my love for you?

33. Have I ever tried to change who you are by telling you what you should wear, read, eat or watch?

34. Have I ever put pressure on you about anything?

35. Have I ever made decisions without asking for your opinion?

36. Will we both agree that nothing in this world matters if we don’t have each other forever?

37. Are you willing to take care of me like a baby when I grow old?

38. Do you believe in being faithful no matter what happens?

39. How many children do you want to have and why ?

40. In which situations should we turn off our phones from each other and think about ourselves separately from each other ?

41. What is your biggest fear about spending the rest of your life with me ?

42. Can we live without arguments even if we are not agreeing on something all the time ?

43. How well do you know me?

44. What kind of dreams do we share?

45. Does distance matter to us when it comes to our hearts and minds ?

46. How much money would it take for us to stop loving each other?

47. Have you ever been unfaithful while living with me?

48. Were you unfaithful before living with me?

49. Should I trust anyone apart from myself?

50. What do you think of those women who cheat?

51. What do you think of those men who cheat?

52. How often do you want to be intimate with me?

53. What’s your kinkiest fantasy?

54. How often do you mast#rbate?

55. How long should we wait until I get pregnant?

56. Do you believe in destiny and fate?

57. Which word would best describe our relationship and why?

58. What is the last thought you had about me?

59. What’s your favourite memory of our past?

60. What’s your favourite memory of our future?

Intimate questions for couples


Here is the rest of 100 intimate questions for couples:

61. Do you ever forget me when I’m not with you?

62. What’s the saddest thing that has happened to you in the past and how did it make you feel?

63. How do I make you laugh or smile after a bad day?

64. What’s the happiest moment in your life?

65. What do you wish I knew?

66. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for me?

67. How would you feel if I died suddenly in front of you?

68. What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and how did it make you feel?

69. How do we handle our disagreements and keep them under control so they don’t affect our relationships with each other or others close to us ?

70. What do you most regret doing in the past?

71. What do you most regret not doing in the past?

72. What does our future look like together?

73. Is there anything you would like to say to me now and can’t wait any longer?

74. What do you think of me?

75. What am I to you?

76. Why do you stay with me?

77. What is the most romantic gesture I have ever done for you?

78. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me?

79. What do you appreciate about me?

80. What do you miss about being single?

81. What do you think makes our marriage work?

82. Who was your first love and how did that relationship end?

83. When was the last time we saw each other naked and why wasn’t s#x involved at all?

84. When was the last time we talked dirty to each other and what were some words used during intercourse?

85. What are my top three turn-ons?

86. What are my top three turn-offs?

87. Where is the best place we ever had s#x?

88. What’s my worst habit (that bothers you)?

89. If I could, what one thing would I change about myself?

90. What is the number one rule we should never break again?

91. What’s the craziest thing you want to try s#xually but haven’t yet?

92. How do you envision our lives in five years from now?

93. How old will I be when you’re finally sick of me and want to kick me out on my ass?

94. Have I ever hurt your feelings intentionally or unintentionally?

95. Have I ever broken your heart?

96. What’s the most important lesson you learned from our relationship?

97. Do you still find me attractive?

98. Will you be here for me when no one else is?

99. Can you tell me something about yourself that I don’t know?

100. Can you tell me something about yourself that surprises even you?

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