Can soulmates feel each others physical pain? (can you feel when they are sad, crying or thinking about you)

Have you ever thought that can soulmates feel each others physical pain?

Love is a strong emotion which brings forth many powerful albeit strange sensations and reactions.

A soulmate connection is a profound spiritual connection which creates a “psychic bridge” between soulmates.

When two hearts will collide under the blazing sun or when lives seem to intertwine with one another.

Some people believe that the feelings of love are not only unlikeable but also overwhelming. 

When this happens, their companion might become helpless due to the intensity of their emotions and experience significant amounts of physical pain.

In this article you will learn whether soulmates feel each other’s physical pain, do soulmates feel each other when they are sad, crying or in deep pain. Here is a research backed by science and spiritual beliefs. Keep reading.

Can soulmates feel each others physical pain?


Intuition and empathy plays a central role in the way that we connect with one another. And can be used to identify the possible presence of a person that one has never met.

Soulmates can intuitively feel what is happening to their partners even if they are separated by long distance.

Empathy allows us to sense their moods, what they are feeling emotionally, how much pain they might be in, and their overall well-being.

So, Can soulmates feel each other pain? 

According to a research study, Yes. The journal Science published a study in 2004 showing that humans are hardwired to process pain when they are hurt by a loved one.

You can feel the same physical pain as your soulmate and your soulmate can feel your pain too.

The study involved 16 heterosexual couples in which one partner received a short burst of pain while the other measured the other party’s brain activity.

In response to a person in pain, their partner’s brain activity was triggered like a switch, resulting in an empathetic response.

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Can you feel when your soulmate is sad?


People with a higher sensitivity to emotion are more likely to feel the pain and emotions of their soulmate. 

When they have this connection, it is common for them to know how their partner is feeling without having any words from them.

If you don’t have this strong connection, it’s possible that you may be able to pick up on some clues about your partner’s mood if you try really hard and pay attention.

It might not always work, but there are ways to help create a stronger bond between two people.

While we might not always be aware of it, we tend to mimic the facial expressions, gestures, and posture of the people around us.

So either when you’re obsessed with your soulmate in your own head or hanging out with someone who is sad or happy, your mood changes accordingly.

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This could be because humans have the same regions of the brain for processing both positive and negative emotions, so we react similarly whether we’re happy or sad.

The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a study in 2010 that demonstrated that intimate relationships have similar levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

It’s not necessarily a good thing for couples’ hormones to be in sync when it comes to this study; however, couples’ hormones were found to be in sync.

The stress hormone cortisol is responsible for partner moods, so when one partner is sad, the other is likely to feel the same.

Rather than having a high level of relationship satisfaction, couples with the same cortisol levels had a low level of relationship satisfaction according to a follow-up study.

Instead, studies suggest that healthy relationships are those in which one partner can soothe the other when they’re feeling anxious.

Can you feel your soulmate crying?


I researched about it, there is no scientific proof yet that says you can feel your soulmate crying. 

However, as per psychics and some spiritual beliefs, the person who has a strong connection with their soulmate will be able to sense when they are in pain, crying or died even if they are far away from each other.

But this doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes the person may not know how to interpret these feelings which might lead them to think that they are just overreacting or being paranoid. Nonetheless, your ability to empathize with others makes you feel so.

Research suggests that Oxytocin levels have been previously linked to empathy. That increasing oxytocin improves cognitive empathy and helps with social adaptation in some people with special abilities.

Can you feel your soulmate thinking about you?


Yes. In psychology the ability to be in tune with and accurately perceive your partner’s thoughts and feelings is known as empathic accuracy. It can help couples stay close and reduce conflict. 

How do you know if you have this gift? For some people it’s genetic and hardwired in their brains, while others develop such exceptional empathy through education, experience, or being a caregiver for someone else.

Regardless of how they developed it, those who are able to sense their spouse’s emotions tend to be more satisfied in their relationships.


Final thoughts:

The strength of this effect varies from couple to couple but there is no denying that empathy and intuition play a key role in the way that we interact with others on a physical level.

The only limit to these connections is our ability to perceive them. We may not know how strong or far reaching these connections are until we open ourselves up for love and healing, so let go of all limitations now.

However, one thing is worth remembering either it’s you or your experiencing suffering, pain does not necessarily have to be an unpleasant sensation for it to serve a purpose. It serves as an alert system that something needs attention or healing.

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